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                               Prince Family Tree

Center is great grandmother Margaret Henderson Jones daughters Eliza Henderson "Aunt Baby" left and Georgia Mae (Jones) Mathis right

Center picture is Annie Mae Mathis Cash Byrd daughter of Georgia Mathis in 2008 wedding of her grandson Derrick Cash living now in Cleveland OH about 98 years old

PRINCEVILLE BAPTIST CHURCH Gonzales, TX Rev. E. S. Grey - Pastor Sis. Georgia M. Mathis -Sec

The Princeville community was about six miles from Gonzales and near the Greenwood road, FM 466. The earliest school records available listed twenty-eight pupils attending the Princeville School.

The Princeville Baptist Church was founded by the Reverend Mitchell Harrison June 10, 1872. Davis Prince, thus the source of the name, donated the Land Princeville. Few churches were able to retain early membership lists, but Princeville even kept their member’s occupations. Though no dates were available, the following early members were listed:

Deacons: Samuel Prince Sr., Boston Prince Sr., Moses More, Orong Thomas, Henry Johnson, Will Cubet, Gilbert B. Prince, Phillip Johnson, Will Clark, Austin Hood, Dallas Prince, Sidney Johnson, Manie Johnson, Rea Johnson, John Lampkin, Lonnie S. Smith, Delbert Mathis, Leroy Perreman, Miles Littlefield.

Sunday School superintendents:  Brother A. W. Prince, Brother G. W. Prince, Brother G. B. Prince Sr., Brother D. E. Prince;

Teachers of public school:  Treasia Smith, Samuel Prince Jr., Susie Johnson Jr., Pinkie Prince. Gertrude Thomas, Milton Prince, Clarence Mae Mathis, L. J. Hodges;

Musicians:  Lucinda Thomas, Alma Prince, Lue Payne, Elmyra Cubit, Bessie Johnson, Clista Hodges, Arime Smith, Ester Prince and L. S. Smith;

Missionary presidents:  Sarah Prince Sr., Sarah Prince Jr., Ida Prince, Minerva Lampkin and Georgia M. Mathis;

Mechanics: Moses Smith, Larn D. Mathis, Eddie Johnson;

Carpenters: Walter Johnson, Larn D. Mathis;

Seamstresses: Annie Mae Mathis, Georgia Mae Jones, Parthenia Jones, Malvine Prince, Easter Prince, Jessie Mae Thomas;

Nurses: Lillie Henderson, Walter Johnson and Mary Henderson.

By Genevieve B. Vollentine

Gonzales, County Texas Records

David Prince Donates property for church by this deed to members for the sum of $5.00


The State of Texas county of Gonzales  çKnow all men by these presents that I David Prince 
                                                                    §of the county of Gonzales and state forresaid in
considration of the sum of five dollarsto me in hand paid by the members  of Princeville
Church of the county of Gonzalesand state of Texas the receipt of which is hereby
acknowledged have granted, bargainedsold, conveyed and released and by these presents do
grant, bargain, sell , convey and release into the said members of said church and their
successors the following described property to wit one acre of land out of the tract upon

which I now reside it being a front of the Salinas Grant in the county of Gonzales and State of Texas, beginning at a  rock set for corner on the North side of the public road leading from the town of Gonzales to the town of Luling thence N 90 degrees E .75  to rock set for corner  thence S60 degree 6 75 26/100 vas to rock set for corner Thence S 30 dgrees W.75 to rock set for corner. thence S 30 degree W. 75 to rock set for the corner. Thence N 60 degrees W 75 26/100 to the place of beginning said acre. Now has church Bilding upon it. together with all and singular the rights, members improvements hereditaments and appurtenances unto the said members and theeir successors in the church forever and I do here by bind myself my heirs executors and administrators to warrant and forever defend all and singular the said premises unto the said members & their sucessors against ever person whomsoever lawfully claiming as to claim the same or any part therof.

Witness my hand at home this the Sixth day of April 1894

                                                                                          David [his × mark] Prince


Inside Remains of Princeville

"Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us, Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith;..." Hebrews 12:1-2

David Prince 67 and Lucy Prince 66 by the 1870 census came from Georgia slavery with their children: Boston 38, Samuel 24 (wife Sarah/Sally) 20, Greene 26(wife Jane, Catherine 27,  Cornelia,  Penelope 20 

* Greene L and Samuel R. are twins 8 year old first appear on 1880 census Household 488A

David Prince &Lucy Prince>>>1st headsof household
BostonSamuel (Sarah)Green L.(Jane)CatherineCorneliaPenelope
Children Children
BostonSamuel /Sarah)Greene/Jane Catherine CorneliaPenelope
* Greene L John Wesley
*Samuel R.David Lanzine
BostonMary J. Thomas
Gilbert Sr.

Subject: Fw: infomation about a town named Princeville

Date: Monday, June 05, 2006 8:58 PM



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From: Gonzales County Record Center

To: richardprince@sbcglobal.net

Sent: Wednesday, January 19, 2005 1:29 PM

Subject: Re: infomation about a town named Princeville



Good afternoon Richard,


After going through deed records David (Davis in the history book) sold one acre of land to be used for the "new" (this is my quote, as we know the older Princeville Cemetery in on the river and no one can get down there to do an inventory and the original church was nearby) Princeville Church for $5 on April 6, 1894.  This church and the Princeville Cemetery #2, as the neighbors call it, are right on the highway.


I am going to give you three census records for Gonzales County on the Prince Family.  If they were slaves, we don't know for whom as they do not show up on the Gonzales County Census for 1860.


1870 Census

Household 429B                                                                       

Name            Age       Place of Birth                 I think the  siblings are:                       

Boston           38         Georgia                                                    

Boston       11/12       Texas                                                       

Catherine      27         Georgia

David            67                "

Gilbert            2            Texas

Greene          26            Georgia

Hugh L.     6/12          Texas

Jane                10                "

Lucinda         6                  "

Lucy             66            North Carolina

Lucy M.        1             Texas

Mira               7                 "

Moses           13                "

Penelope      20            Georgia

Sally              20                   "

Samuel         24                   "


Household 430B

Jane                       21            Texas

Margarett A.            2                 "

Mary A.                  1                  "



Keep in mind the names Sarah and Sally were interchangeable.  I would think Boston #1, Greene, Samuel, and Catherine were siblings,  We do know for sure Sally and Samuel are the parents of: Boston, the eleven month old and Gilbert. 

Pastor G. B. Prince Jr.  

Burleson Family Tree

Cash Family Tree

             PRINCE FAMILY REUNION JUNE 4, 2011

Please join us in San Antonio, TX - meet family from across America, Picnic, fellowship, fashion/talent show, tour Gonzales and see historical site of our ancestry and much more...

                        For MORE INFORMATION CONTACT:
                                              Angela Diaz
                        210 845-1135 hm210 240-5724 cell

"Mark your calendar June 4, 2011 and come on down to San Antonio to the family reunion, reasonable motel rates and lots of family with homes if you can't afford the room. Let us know how we can help!" 

Here is family member and Jerline Clack. Jerline (Jeri) still lives in Gonzales and owns the Princeville Baptist Church property as well as Princeville Cemetery #2. Jeri and other family members are working on getting an easement to the old Princeville Cemetery and be declared as a historical site.

Here are some of the Prince brothers  

                        Dr. Green L. Prince, Pastor  Avenue L Baptist Church, Galveston, TX "The Oldest Black Baptist Church in Texas",  1934- 1956 President of the National Baptist Convention of America twin brother to Samuel R. Prince below

Mrs. G. L. Prince wife the pastor's wife

National Baptist Convention, Little Rock Arkansas Sept 10-14, 1947 - Dr. G. L. Prince, President (left side of group picture)

(Center side of group picture) Center vested man is Uncle Greene, President of Nat'L Bapt Conv.

(right side of group picture)

Indianapolis Recorder

Ave. L Bapt Church History

Here I am at Avenue L in Galveston Texas on a beautiful Sunday morning...Praise the Lord for His great riches!!!

August 1st 2010 I back tracked my roots of my great uncle Dr. Greene L. Prince

Avenue L Baptist Church Galveston, TX "The Oldest Black Church in Texas"

Historical marker in front of church says: The Rev. G. L Prince, 1934-56 Later President of The National Baptist Convention and of Mary Allen College in Crockett, Texas

I met the present pastor Rev. E. R. Johnson and he invited me to read the morning scripture and join in the Lord's Supper

These ladies Cary Bell Thomas Clay left in white whose mother Sis. Carrie Bell during Rev. G. L. Prince times and Florence Cook Hilton was baptized by Rev. G. L. Prince

Bro. Lawrence (B-bone) Thomas is the grandson of Carrie Bell Thomas and nephew of Sis. Carrie Bell Thomas Clay. The Thomas family grew up in this church. Sis. Ruth Hall another daughter of Sis. Carrie Bell Thomas became the church musician

Brother Roland Thomas is cousin of Sis. Carrie Bell Thomas Clay and of Brother Lawrence Thomas

Sis. Gloria Miles and her son who was a baby when uncle was pastor

Sis. Irene Thomas Young is also a relative of the Thomas family. She is the cousin of Bro. Lawrence Thomas and wife of Deacon Johnnie Young

The Rev. G. L. Prince served as Pastor from 1934-1956. Rev.  Prince was President of the Baptist World Alliance and President of Mary Allen College in Crockett, Texas. He traveled extensively throughout America, Europe, Asia and Africa for the cause of Christ. He served as the President of the National Baptist Convention of America. He organized for the church, the Brotherhood, Junior Mission, Choir No. 2, Junior Choir, the Benevolent, and a Mary Allen Club. He also remodeled the Annex of the church, now known as the Fellowship Hall. He was 86 years of age at the time of his passing in 1956.

L Avenue Bapt Church History

Dr. Samuel Robert Prince, (left below)Pastor of Mount Pisgah Baptist Church, Fort Worth, TX President of General Baptist Convention of Texas and twin Brother to Dr. Green above

Dr. Pinkney A. Prince, Pastor Morning Star Baptist Church, Chicago, Ill

Morning Star was organized on July 15, 1917 at 3800 South Vincennes Avenue, Chicago, Illinois by a group of 21 baptized believers, who were guided by the Holy Spirit.  The Church was named Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church by Brother William Samuels, one of the original organizers.  (It was organized in the midst of World War I and the only hope, peace and assurance could be found in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.)

The first elected Officers were: Pastor: Rev. Edmund Dallas Hubbard; Deacon: Brother William Samuels as Chairman of the Board; Clerk: Deacon Warren R. Salter; Treasurer: Sister Emily Hubbard.  Other officers were later elected and auxiliaries and departments were formed.  The General Missionary Society was organized in 1918.  All of the original organizers have gone home to be with God and they have left their footprints in the sands of time and have given us a good, solid and firm foundation to build upon.

On April 1, 1919, a charter was granted to the Church by the State of Illinois, under the name of Morning Star Institutional Missionary Baptist Church.  Also, in 1919 the Church purchased the property at 3800 South Vincennes.  Through the years, the Church continued to grow spiritually, financially and numerically under the leadership of the second and third Pastors, Rev. George W. Alexander and Rev. Picney A. Prince.  In May, 1933, the final note of the property at 3800 South Vincennes Avenue was paid.  A Mortgage burning service was held in July, 1933, under the leadership of our fourth Pastor, Rev. Ira Monroe Hendon.  In 1936, the property was sold to the government for a housing development.

Morning Star has had eight Pastors, six of whom have been called home to Glory.

1st - Rev. Edmund D. Hubbard
(July, 1917 - January, 1922).  He resigned to serve as a Missionary in Liberia, West Coast of Africa.

2nd - Rev. George W. Alexander (February 22, 1922 - June, 1926). He was recommended by Rev. E. D. Hubbard and served for four years, then resigned.

3rd - Rev. Picney A. Prince (1926 - 1931). Due to ill health, he was unable to continue his pastoral duties and was granted a leave of absence. He went to Texas where he remained until his death.

Morning Star Bapt Chicago, Ill

Rev. Garrett W. Prince, Pastor, Mt Olive Baptist Church Houston, TX

Uncle Garrett W. Prince (Rev. G. W. Prince) seated bottom right

Rev. Adolph Prince 101st Birthday in 1978

Rev. Boston J. Prince, Pastor Messiah Baptist Church Cleveland, OH

"And Simon Peter answered and said, Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God. And Jesus answered and said unto him, Blessed art thou, Simon Barjona: for flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee, but my Father which is in heaven. And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it..." Matthew 16: 16-19

SHILOH BAPTIST CHURCH is the oldest congregation of black BAPTISTS in Cleveland and second only to ST. JOHN'S AFRICAN METHODIST EPISCOPAL (AME) CHURCH as Cleveland's oldest church. The nucleus of the early membership consisted of a group of recent AFRICAN AMERICAN migrants from the South who worshipped at the FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH and regularly gathered at a small grocery store owned by Michael Gregory at 245 Erie (East 9th) Street. Alarmed by the growing number of black worshippers, some of the white members of the First Baptist Church sought to prevent any more blacks from joining the congregation. Their proposal was contested by JOHN MALVIN, leader of Cleveland's black community, and some of the white members, leading to a compromise for the formation of a Mission church for black Baptists. In August 1849, the First Baptist Church formed the mission in a converted storage barn on Brownell (East 14th) Street and appointed Rev. J. Weeks to serve as a pro-tem pastor. The membership initially consisted of the Gregory group along with other black members of the First Baptist. The mission gained official recognition as a Baptist denominational church, Shiloh Baptist Church, in August 1850. Rev. William Pennington Brown, a native of West Virginia ordained by the First Baptist Church, was appointed the first pastor of Shiloh in August 1851. Under his leadership, the membership surpassed fifty and the church moved to larger quarters on Central Avenue near Perry (East 22nd) Street. Rev. L. E. White succeeded Brown, serving at Shiloh from 1863 to 1865. He oversaw the organization of the church's first Sunday School and Baptist Young People's Union (BYPU). During the pastorate of Rev. I. V. Bryant (1867-85), Shiloh acquired property on Sterling (East 30th) Street near Scovill Avenue, which the congregation fashioned into a commodious church. Rev. Riley Wilson, who succeeded Bryant in 1885, organized the church's first Board of Deacons and Trustees, but internal differences resulted in his resignation in 1893. Over half of the congregation left Shiloh at Wilson's urging, forming the nucleus of the ANTIOCH BAPTIST CHURCH. Under the leadership of Rev. D. E. Dandridge (1895-1903), the church secured a loan from JOHN D. ROCKEFELLER to erect a brick and stone edifice in place of its frame building. The new church building contained a large auditorium, a lecture room, and a water-powered pipe organ. Rev. Dandridge, however, followed in the footsteps of his predecessor, leaving Shiloh to form the Mt. Haven Baptist Church after internal dissension arose. Unable to pay the mortgage on its building, Shiloh closed its doors in 1903 and the congregation temporarily gathered at the home of Deacon Watson on East 31st Street.

Rev. Boston J. Prince of Texas was dispatched to Cleveland in late 1903 by the Ohio State Baptist Convention to reconstitute Shiloh and, after two years of litigation, the church regained its property. Following the departure of Rev. Prince in 1907, Rev. Edward H. Smith of Kentucky assumed the pastorate at Shiloh. He secured the cancellation of a $3,000 mortgage owed by the church and modernized the physical plant of the church by installing heating and electrical systems. Smith, however, resigned in 1916 following the resurgence of internal discord in the congregation. Rev. Charles Fishback of Kansas led a growing church of some 1,500 members during WORLD WAR I and inaugurated a fundraising campaign for a new church building, raising $29,000 before his untimely death in 1921. Rev. Prince returned to lead the congregation in 1921. He continued the fundraising drive and purchased the former B'NAI JESHURUN synagogue at East 55th Street and Scovill Avenue for $110,000 in 1923. Shiloh relocated to its new quarters in 1925 following the Grand March to the synagogue from the old church building. Internal disagreements led Rev. Prince to resign his post at Shiloh in 1926 and establish the Messiah Baptist Church with his followers. Messiah meet regularly in Cleveland Ohio:
Messiah Bapt Church
7401 Cedar Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44103
216 431-1870

Samuel & Sarah Prince Family Tree - son of David and Lucy Prince of Georgia Slavery

               David Prince - Samuel Prince Father
[David donated property for Princeville Baptist Church]
                        Samuel & Sarah Prince
                 Parents of 11 boys and two girls 
1. Dr. G. L. Prince, Pas- Ave L. B C GalvestonPres. Nat'l Bapt. Convent of America (Twin Bro S.R.)
2. Dr. S. R. Prince, Pas M. Pisgah Ft. WorPres. Gen Bapt. Convent of TX (Twin Bro G.L.)
3. Rev. Boston J. Prince, Pas Messiah B CCleveland, OH
4. Rev. Garrett W. Prince, PastorMount Olive B. C. Houston, TX
5. Dr. Pinkney Prince, PastorMorning Star B. C., Chicago, IL
6. Dallas Prince, Gonzales, TX7. Virgie Prince, Gonzales, TX
8. Rev. Adolph Prince, San Antonio9. John Prince, Gonzales, TX
10. Gilbert B. Sr./Cornelia (Henderson)Prince<<My Dad's parents - Gonzales
11. Milton Prince, Gonzales1. Sarah Prince, Gonzales, TX
2. Alma Prince, Gonzales

Gilbert B. Prince Sr. & Cornelia Henderson Prince Tree

Gilbert B. Sr. & Cornelia (Henderson) Prince Parents of 10 siblings - 2 unknown
1. Clara Prince2. Malvina Prince
3. Raphael Prince4. Amos Prince
5. Versa Prince (twin to Verlie)6. Verlie Prince
7. Metton Prince 8. (unknown)
9. (unknown)10. Gilbert B. Prince Jr.- youngest my dad

Pastor G. B. Prince Jr. and family

Left to right Richard, Dad, Mother, Pastor T. J. Prince

Dad me and my brother T. J. Prince...below left to right Angela, Connie, Betty and mother...last picture Dad, Elbert Jr., and Elbert

Pastor T. J. Prince, Pilgrim Rest Baptist entrance

Hanging out in San Francisco with my brother Tim after I graduated from University of North Texas State. Pastor T. J. Prince was Pastor of Abyssinian at 528 33rd Street  located in the City of Oakland

Tim's kids: Tim Jr, Cynthia, Gregory,

Tim's kid: Karen

My brother Elbert's family: Elbert Jr., Elbert, Connie wife, and daughter Miranda

Pastor Gilbert B. Jr.& Ruby Mae (Burleson) PrinceParents of 6 sibling
1. Gilbert B. Prince III -  died 18 months2. Betty Joe (Prince) McClellan
3. Pastor Timothy Joe (Wife - Denise) Prince4. Garrett William Prince
5. Richard Allen Prince6. Elbert James (Wife Connie) Prince

Dr. Samuel Robert Prince Family - son of Samuel & Sarah - twin to Dr. Green L. Prince

Dr. Samuel Robert Prince FamilyPastor, Mt Pisgah B.C. Fort Worth TX
1. Earnest (Oldest son)Left home early
2. TomHad one son - Luther T. Prince MN Grad MIT
3. Samuel Prince IIWife Rosie Lee (Prince) Denson/married 29 years
I interviewed Rosie age 96 about 2004Youngest son of S. R. Prince
1. Norma Move to New York - no children
2. Lillianhusband named Foster
    3 girls: Rosalyn, Lillian & Francine
3. EdnaMoved to New York
     1 son: Jim Robinson
4. ElizabethSan Antonio
   2 sons: Donald Conally & Percy

David & Lucy Prince, founding head of family had sons:Samuel, Boston, Greene, Gilbert...Samuel & Sarah had the 11 sons and two girls, Boston had Boston Jr., Greene had David Prince, J.W. Prince and sister Mary J. Thomas

Greene Prince2 son and one daughter known
David L. Prince(death certificates name old Greene father)
John W. Prince
Mary J. Thomas

Green Lanzine Prince Family Tree - son of David & Lucy Prince from Georgia slavery

Green L. and Jane Mathis 3 Children: David L., John Wesley & Mary Jane Thomas

                     Greene Prince Family Tree
David Prince - FamilyDavid & QuillaDavid & Cloma                            
David and Lou Jean Prince>3 children: Quilla Scott, T. C, & Samuel Prince
David /Coloma  Prince> Arzella, Roberta, Robert, Bradford, Marvelous, Eleanor
Quilla Mae
T.C. 3 childSam
no child
Albirjus 11
3 children
4 children
6 children
Farris DouglasBillie JeanCharlie
Ayers Jr.
Manuel, JrDorothy
Tommy C.Winston
Jessie, Jr.
Ralph DavidAnthonett
Baby **MalindaGlen AyersRobert Jr.Michael
Birth:9/28/29See BirthLescia
Died10/8/29CertificateBradford Jr.
Donald Ray
John Wayne
Linda Fay
James Curtis

"These all died in faith...and confessed that they were strangers and pilgrims on the earth." Hebrews 11:13

Here is the 1870 Census from Gonzales co records*Father/Mother


1870 Census

Household 429B                                                                       

Name            Age       Place of  Birth                    

David            67           Georgia – Head of household

Lucy             66            North Carolina – Head of household

                 I think the  siblings are:

Boston           38         Georgia                                                   

Boston       11/12       Texas                                                       

Catherine      27         Georgia


Gilbert            2            Texas

*Greene          26            Georgia<<<<<<<Greene Prince here is son of elder


*David  Prince 67 and *Mother Lucy Prince 66  Heads of Prince Family Tree


Greene L. Prince  26 is brother to Samuel Prince 24 married to Sally/Sarah Prince 20 below (Samuel and Sarah were parents to the 11 boys and two girls most of the boys became ministers). Please note in the records Sally and Sarah are interchangeable. Death certificates shows: **David Prince/John Wesley Prince/and Mary Jane Thomas are siblings

Hugh L.     6/12          Texas

Jane                10                "

Lucinda         6                  "

Lucy M.        1             Texas

Mira               7                 "

Moses           13                "

Penelope      20            GeorgiaSally              20                   "Samuel         24                   "

David L. Prince, son of Green L. Prince

 David L. Prince death certificate. Please note father Greene and Mother Jane

John Wesley Prince death certificate, please note father Greene Prince and mother Jane Mathis

     John Wesley & Elmira Williams Prince Family

                     Children of John Wesley and Elmira Prince 
[1] Alvin Prince [2] Elmira Easton [3] Penola Flowers [4] Beatrice Thomas

John Wesley's son - Alvin Prince born: November 2, 1900 died August 11, 1982

                               Alvin /Beaula Williamson Children

Alvin's 3 sisters: 1. Emira Easton  2. Penola Flowers  3. Beatrice Thomas

Caleb HarperDorothy (Bush)Elvin Sr.George CurtisJohn WesleyWalter
6 children2 children5 boys/6girls11 children9 children4 children
11 children
LucilleRooseveltElvin Jr. ChicagOdessaLinda FlowersWalter Jr.
RosemaryVanessaPeggyJoyce ChaseCarolyn FlowersLaDale
1. Angela Hammon
2. Leslie Hammon
3. Jake Clay Jr.
4. Nicolas Clay
RobertDianeElmiraRamona (Harrison)LaTwan
Sam RichardAngela PortisIlenaJohn Wesley Jr.
Stanley (Freddy)JeanetteBettyVincent
EdwardBarbara AnnJacqueline
JeffreyGeorge C. JrVivian Brown
MichaelJ. R.Marlin
ClarenceArtis Lee

John Wesley's Children continue

MosesDora Mae (Porter), White
6 children3 children

John Wesley Prince Jr. right & daughter, Carolyn Flowers

Third generation of John Wesley Prince Jr. Here is Angela Diaz family daugther of Carolyn Flowers and grand daughter of John Wesley Prince Jr.

Mary J. Thomas, please note father is Greene Prince and mother is Jane Mathis


Bradford Prince Born March 10, 1915 to David L. & Cloma Polk. He had three brothers, T. C., Sam, and Robert) and five sisters, (Arzella, Quilla Mae, Roberta, Marvelous and Eleanor) all of whom preceeded him in death. While growing up, he attended a Methodist Church with his mother and Providence Baptist Church with his father. At the early age of 9 he gave his life to Christ. He learned to play an organ at an early age. He used this gift in a variety of ways when he moved to Burkbrnett and united with Providence Baptist Church serving as pianist, chairman of deacons, Sunday School superintendent, Brotherhood president and teacher. He also trained and managed serveral quartets groups in the local area, one of which was made up of his last five children.

Bradford Prince wife Otimbsie
Winston (Arlene) PrinceLos Angeles, CA
Rostine PearsonCarson, CA
Charlie AyersWichita Falls, TX
Anthonette Ingram     "             "     " 
Bradford Prince, Jr.,      "           "     " 
John (Clara) Prince      "         "       "
James (Brenda) Prince       "         "     "
Lescia (Kay) WenzlerSan Antonio, TX
Donald R. Prince"                   
Linda (Prince) Johnson

                                   Bradford Prince - 19 grandchildren

Larry PrinceKevin BaileyCharsara AyersGlen Ayers, Jr.,Throne Ayers
Barry SullivanTamela D. PrinceKim PrinceCurtis PrinceJohn Prince, Jr.
Nicole GrantTanya WilliamsJames Prince Jr.Jennifer PrinceBenjamin Prince
Jalynthia PohlKatrina PrinceAnthony PrinceMonica Nelson Jones

                             Bradford Prince - 11 Great grandchildren

Kevin Bailey, Jr., Samara AyersKendra PrincePaige DawsonKameron Dawson
LaDarius PrinceDemetrius WhiteBritney WhiteShakir MyersMykayla Jones
Annika Jones

                            Bradford Prince - 1 great great grandson - Brandon Bailey

Mrs. Arzella P. Lewis, born March 30, 1902

Sister Beatrice Joyce Prince Thomas born June 19, 1908 died October 21, 1999 daughter of John and Elmira Prince

Beatrice Prince Thomas

Group portrait: Left to right Eleanor, T. C., Roberta, Marvvelous, Robert, Quilla, Bradford, Arzella

Mrs. Eleanor Prince Williams  November 3, 1926 - October 17, 1982 "Weep ye not for the dead, neither bemoan him: but weep sore for him that goeth away: for he shall return no more, nor see his native country..." Jermiah 22:10 Eleanor was the youngest of nine children born to Mr. and Mrs. David/Cloma Prince

Mr. Ellis Williams born December, 29, 1915 to Mr. and Mrs. Walter Williams

Mrs. Elmirea P. Eaton was the first child born to Mr. and Mrs. John Wesley Prince Apri 9, 1905 in Gonzales, County. Mrs. Eaton graduated from Texas Southern University and taught school in Gonzales county for thirty years. "I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith." II Timothy 4:17

Lt. Col. Retired Ernest Shelton Williams born to Roberta Prince Williams and Ernest Mason Williams September 17, 1934 - April 6, 2005

Mrs. Marvelous Prince Terry born September 3, 1919 in Gonzales one of nine children born to Mr. & Mrs. David (Cloma) Prince. Died March 11, 1981.

Alvin Prince on left...Moses Prince Large bottom left the smaller is Elvin Jr.

Bottom left Elmira Prince Eaton  Picture top left to right Panola and Elmira Prince

Mrs. Quilla Mae Scott born September 3, 1905 to David and Lou Jean Priince and later married Ira Scott in 1925. One son was born to this union Douglas. She moved to Long Beach, California in 1943.

Mrs. Roberta Prince Williams born to David Prince and Cloma Polk...February 9, 1913 - May 6, 2001

Samuel E. Prince September 1972

Mr. T. C. Prince born February 22, 1907 to David and Lou Jean Prince in Gonzales, TX. Married Linnie Nelson September 1938, children one daughter Billie Prince, two sons, Tommy Prince and Rev. Ralph Prince

Tommy C. Prince

Robert Louis Prince

Three women: Left to right - Aunt Liza Lee, Bradford first wife Rostine & Winston's mother, center is Coloma daughter of Coloma Sr, Bradford Prince 2nd wife, third is Aunt Eleanor (Prince) Williams, daughter of David Prince.

Far Right is TC Prince, son of David Prince, father of Billie Jean, Tommy C. & Ralph David Prince

first is Coloma with Robert Prince (Baby boy of David Prince)

"And I will make thee exceeding fruitful, and I will make nations of thee, and kings shall come out of thee. And I will establish my covenant between me and thee and thy seed after thee in their generations for an everlasting covenant, to be a God unto thee, and to thy seed after thee. And I will give unto thee, and to thy seed after thee, the land wherein thou art a stranger, all the land of Canaan, for an everlasting possession; and I will be their God." Genesis 17:6-8

                                                           Michael D. Williams II

Michael is son of Apostle Michael D. William I who is the son of Eleanor Williams, the daughter of David Prince, David Prince was son of Dr. Greene L. Prince. Michael and his family live in  Fletcher Oklahoma, a little ways up from Lawton, Ok

Michael's wife Lita & daughter Ishmiah

Here are Michael II children:


first day of school pictures of Ishmiah


SteFon and sister Ishmiah


Michael Williams II

Michael and family

Michael & Lita after church

Michael Williams  with daughter Ishmiah at graduation - New Life Bible College Bachelor of Christian Education degree

Michael Williams Bachelor of Christian Education  degree, May 21, 2011....

Princeville Baptist Church Aunt Georgia to left of Pastor and Mrs. Gray

Raphael Prince son of Gilbert B. Prince Sr., my father's brother lived in Terrell Here is his family tree:

Clarence Mae Hellums, Raphael's daughter

Here are Cousin Clarence Mae Hellums, daughter of Raphael Prince my dad's brother with Donald Prince son of Isaiah Prince grandson of Raphael Prince at graveside after homegoing of our beloved Velma (Prince) Smith, daughter of Fred Prince son of Raphael. Raphael had one daughter, Clarence Mae above, Isaiah and Fred. Clarence is the only living child of Uncle Raphael.

Isaiah Prince, Raphael's son

Fred Prince, Raphael's son, Fred's only child Velma went to be with the Lord August 1, 2010, she is survived by her husband Dr. Roscoe C. Smith, mother Lillie Marie Prince, daughters and host of grand children and great grand children in more detail below

Here is my son Richard II meeting cousin Clarence Mae and cousin Donald Ray at graveside for first time. August 7, 2010

Center is Dr. Roscoe Smith at grave site of wife Velma with Pastor Smith, his brother who delivered eulogy with unidentified family member.

Here is cousin Lillie Marie, Velma's mother and wife of her father the late Fred Prince in Limosene with Dr. Roscoe Smith after graveside service Aug 7, 2010

Dr. Smith entering Limo

My brother Elbert, Roscoe and Donald

My son Richard II and daughter Allena at Restland Cemetery

  Richard II, my brother Elbert and Allena

Here is Richard II and Allena back at New Mount Zion B. C. Rev. R. E. Price, Pastor before coming to cemetery

Richard II & Allena

Here I am with Elbert and Allena

 Raphael & Annie Prince3 children 1 girl and two boys
1. Clarence Mae Hellumschildren -one granddaughter Rochelle Greene
2.  Isaiah Prince & Valree TaylorHas 5 children
    a. Donald Ray, (Brenda)
    b. Jerry Wayne (Monica)
    c. Cecil Lee (Melissa)
   d. Helen Faye (Talmadge)Wright Kiondria Cherice
   e. Brenda Ann (Rodney) Holloway     Khadijah Holloway
3. Fred & Lillie Marie PrinceHad one Daughter
    a. Velma Marie Prince Smith (Roscoe)both Ph.d.- 2 daughters & 4 grands/4 great grands
Robbie S. Redmon (Chris)         Clayton, Carwell Kenneth, Aloyee Nuray Young
Jacquelyn M. Smith (Cecil)Cecil C. III (LaShawndra), CeShaun

Here is the Smith family Fred Prince only daughter went to be with the Lord August 1, 2010 and here is excerpts from obituary

Velma was such an inspiring soul touching the lives of thousands across the country. She is already deeply missed by our family and so many friends and former colleagues

Family picture on left is Velma, father Fred, mother Lillie Marie

Amos & Mary (Hembra) Prince2 children
1. Amos Jr.  (Ruth) Prince2. Florence Mae Prince
 3. Leroy H. Upshaw (1/2 brother)4. Harry Small (1/2 brother)


Here is my cousin Amos Jr. son of my father's brother Amos Sr. at age 79 taken on my visit to San Antonio July 29-Aug 1 one of two of my father's last living siblings. The other is cousin Clarence Mae Hellum daughter of my daddy's brother Raphael.


Here is Amos and his wife Ruth married 57 years  Amos Sr. and mother Mary (Hembra) Prince had one other child, Florence Mae. Amos has two half brothers Leroy H. Upshaw born 1938 and Harry Small born 1944       

 Amos only sister Florence Prince born 8/8/32 died in a car accident in New York at age 28 in 1960

Amos served in the Army staff Sargent for 21 years. Amos lived in Vallejo, CA for 20 years..18 years worked for Union Oil Refinery as a forman

Here is my cousin Lee Prince Jr. great grandson of Adolph Prince was was brother to my grandfather Gilbert B. Prince Sr. Lee and his wife Patty also live in San Antonio

Patty, Lee's wife is seated on the left with another cousin Linda (Prince) Johnson on the right. What a joy I had visiting  my cousins in San Antonio

Here is Lee's Family tree: I will start with his grandfather to give you a better picture:

 Left is Lee Prince Jr. grandfather Rev. Adolph & wife Prince who had a son Lee Prince Sr.

                                   Rev. Adolph Prince Children

1. Milton PrinceNo children
2. Jim PrinceDebra, Jannetta and Dorothy
3. Lucille Prince JacksonNo children
4. Lee Prince Sr. (Red)One son Lee Prince Jr.
5. James PrinceOne son  Curtis Leon Prince PhD (Tump)

Lee Prince Jr.Wife, Patty Prince - 3 children
1. Debra (Prince) Ford2 boys: a. Princeton B. Ford age 19 b. Camden Ford age 16
2. Darryl Lee Prince5 children
     a. Shante b. Tiffany c. Ariel d. Darryl Jr. e. Jana Rose
3. Damon1 daughter: Madison

Lee and Patty's daughter Debra

The Lee's son Darryl

Darryl in middle row center poses with his graduate class received degree in theology and regularly preaches the gospel

Here is the Lee's youngest son Damon

Here is Debra's 19 year old son Princeton

Here is Debra with her youngest son Camden..

                                                  Group pictures