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 Family Album    


Before I say a word, I want you to meet my family. Beginning on the back row from left to right, Jonathan Woods, my son-in-law married to LaRethia, Marcus Allen, my grandson, Jessica, my grand daughter, Fred Achala, my son-in-law married to MeSheila, next row LaRethia, my eldest daughter, Elizabeth, my grand daughter, front row, my son Richard II, yours truly, MeSheila, my  daughter with Syree, my grand daughter.

Richard II and my grand daughter Allena' below

Pray for Marcus Allen Prince, my oldest grandson joined the Army in 2007 after graduating from high school

Here's Marcus at 19 in the Army and at one years while we served the homeless

Marcus kneeling center. Marcus is Irag He is due to be back in US August 2010 Please pray for Marcus and all the other military men and women serving to preserve our freedom in foreign lands

Marcus on right during tank duty in Iraq July 2010

Congratulation! Marcus and Brittany  Prince, married September 15, 2008, KAAHUMANU HALE, HONOLULU, HAWAII,                   I amso proud of you both and I will be praying the Lord abundantly bless your relationship. May Christ always be magnified in your marriage and in your home. Love grand daddy

Marcus and wife, Brittany both are in the Army She is stationed in Hawaii and Marcus is Iraq


Hey Granddaddy, I just want to see how you're doing. I will be leaving this place soon so stay posted for the new mailing address. Thanks for the birthday card and the money. I really appreciate you and all you do for me. I wish we can spend more time together but I always seem to be under attack in the spiritual sense. I think I bring it on myself. I pray and pray and read and read, I study God's word day and night. I try to be the tree planted by the rivers of waters. I try to bring forward my fruit in the right seasons but I always seem to fail in one way or another. I just need you to pray for me and give me your blessing to know that I can go on through the storm. Thanks for your support throughout the years may it continue through the generations. I love you granddaddy. Thank you for being mine. Love your grandson.                                                                     The little Soldier for Christ                                  Marcus Allen Prince

Granddaddy love you Marcus and I shall be praying the Lord give you strengthen to endure all the trials and tests you are facing. Remember greater is He that is in you than He that is in the world and Faith is the victory that overcome the world.  Love always Granddaddy

Here are my granddaughers Jessica and Elizabeth

Here is my son-in-law Jonathan Woods married to my daughter LaRethia with daughters, Jessica, Elizabeth, LaQuiesha, ShaNiqua, and LaMiesha...Marcus dad all so precious and dear in my heart... You can see the Lord has abundantly blessed me with wonderful and beautiful children and grand children


Now about me. I was born in Waco Texas, August 11, 1949 to Pastor Gilbert B. and Mrs. Ruby Mae Prince.

Here is my baby picture

That's me hiding behind daddy's tie..I was about 4 or 5 years old and not much on taking pictures as you can see. Right of my Dad is my older brother Garrett...

At six years old our family moved to Las Angeles, California in 1955

<Tim, Betty and cousins in LA 1957

which at the time I remembered to be the saddest and most shocking experience of my life leaving my friends and all the nice people at Mount Olive Baptist Church where I felt so safe and secure. It was more than I could bear. I remembered crying most of the way to California but I got through it. Little did I know at my young age what was in father’s heart nor the battle he was having in Waco with his failing health and at Mount Olive trying to make ends meet.

Later in 1957 we returned to Dallas and Dad was called to Pastor Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church in March 1958.

At eight years old, I could not take it all in but I knew something wonderful and exciting was happening.

I grew up at Pilgrim Rest, served in several choirs and worked wherever there was a need.

That's me far right. I sang tenor solo classical recital senior year Booker T. Washington: Assistant Principal Robert S. Andrews made presentations

I graduated high school at Booker T. Washington in May 1967.

I entered EL Centro College that same year shortly after Dallas Public Schools were integrated. Later I transferred to University of North Texas where I earned my bachelors in Accounting.

BBA UNT select pdf here <see degree BBA - Accounting, University of North Texas

It was there on the campus of University of North Texas I began to hear the call of God on my life. I was impressed with Acts 10, hearing how Peter was called to preach the gospel across his Jewish culture barrier to reach the Gentiles. At that time the Lord impressed upon me that this was the most important call of the church to not only preach in our own Judea, but Jerusalem and the uttermost parts of the earth to whosoever. I knew God would some how use me to bridge the racial barriers in our community which was the main reason why our race lacked so many opportunities as he allowed me to enter a world that few of my race up till this time were allowed to come near.

I announced my call in the ministry December 4th, 1977 at Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church and a whole new life opened up to me. The Lord’s work was burning so bright in my heart  so that I never tired working my job and ministering the gospel.

Ministerial License to preach select pdf <See Minister License

Certificate of Ordination <See Certificate of Ordination

Solist for Sanctuary Choir: "God Has Smiled On Me"

They seemed to compliment each other. I preached my first sermon at Pilgrim Rest under the leadership of my father, Pastor Gilbert B. Prince Jr., who took great pains to groom me and instruct me, licensed and ordained me in all the wisdom of the Lord to do Pastoral work in all sincerity and fervently.

I'm conducting Wedding Ceremony at Army base in Grand Prairie for a member of my congregation in Mabank, TX

My Dad truly inspired me to reach the highest moral and ethical standards in the ministry to give glory and honor to God. I thank God for my spiritual upbringing and the example he lived before our family and all the lives he touched.

After graduating from University of North Texas, I went to work for the Dallas Independent School District as an accountant and worked there for almost twelve years mostly in Budgeting

until I heard the call in 1985 while

I was Pastoring Greater Elam Grove Baptist Church in Mabank, Texas

My dad installed me as pastor 1981. I served from March 1981 through January 1986

I revisited Greater Elam Grove Baptist Church October 3, 2010

Greater Elam Grove Baptist Church, Mabank, TX

I saw some familiar faces such Sis. Katy Williams

Sis. Catherine Franklin

Even the Pastor now Rev. Henry Lee Brown who was an usher when I was their pastor years 1981-1986

My companion in the gospel ministry for many years came with me to peep in on my look back to sweet days gone by. From there we went to visit friends Steve and Dennise Gibbs, Steve is pastor of two churches in Kaufman and we visited

Pastor Steve Gibbs and me

Left to right - me, Steve & Craig

We met a lot of beautiful, friendly people that made us feel welcome.

I missed Steve's wife Dennise Gibbs that at the last moment was called in to work before we made it to church. Dennise and I were co-workers for several years at AARC and is how we got  to know Steve. What a great Bro Craig and I had visiting.

to put my all in the ministry. While working at DISD I met and married the lovely and charming Nancy Jones.

We raised three beautiful children, LaRethia Deles, MeSheila NaHaas and Richard II.

I resigned DISD, moved to Mabank with my young family and began building a great congregation reaching out to all races on Cedar Creek where racial division was so thick you could cut it with a knife. The Lord gave me favor though with both white and black but my church resisted the new ministry as well as the new people upsetting the norm. When this happen I knew then it was time to move on knowing where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty. We moved back to Dallas January 1986.


In October 1986, my wife Nancy and I organized Canaan Valley Church in our home

view 3074 Tres Logos Prince Residence

developed into one of the early homeless ministries in Dallas where with the help of many volunteers we remodeled a dormitory building for the homeless at the old Dallas Bible College Campus across from East Field College in Mesquite.

Little Richard II son of Pastor Prince helping Johnny and Parrish remodel doorway to kitchen

Little Richard II in seating area

view I am out front Canaan's meeting site and home of homeless facility at LaPrada

January 1991 we secured with the help of the Lord our 501c3 non-profit corporation status from the Secretary of the State of Texas and IRS so we could continue our work without fear of the laws. What joyful days these were. The Lord guided and provided for the many people that came off the streets, whites, blacks, Hispanics and allowed us to help many of them return to gainful employment and self-sustaining life-style. We failed to purchased the property and the bank holding the mortgage preferred another organization for the property. We were evicted December 1989,

Doyle Hammond, a resident of Canaan Valley Home stands in one of the Dorms to be remodeled

nevertheless the Lord moved us to Balch Springs and through a series of miracles the people as well as the ministry survived.

View Our neighbors met to discuss ways to avoid our eviction and keep drug treatment center from coming into the neighborhood in our place.

Dallas Morning News Photo by David Leeson, "NOWHERE TO GO"                                        Author: Stephanie Ward Staff Writer of The Dallas Morning News Publish Date: October 11, 1989                                   Document ID:0Ed3D0A20702374B        Nancy and Richard Prince think the best way to teach responsibility to the homeless at their shelter is by example. So when they were ordered to move out, they stood firm and focused on finding a way to stay.."We can't give up. If we had started making plans to bail out, we would have been out of here by now" Said Mr. Prince, pastor of the Canaan Valley Church and Shelter. Mr. Prince said he and his wife will continue to fight a state District Court. 

Through this and many other painful yet rewarding experiences I learned how to walk with the Lord and hear his voice and He became my great Shepherd. He led me in the path of righteousness for His namesake. He anointed my head with oil and my cup ran over. Though I walked through the valley of the shadow of death I was not afraid knowing that the Lord was always with my family and I.

I went back to work at UT Southwestern Medical Center in 1991.

Senior accoutant at UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, TX for four years

During  the four years I was there, the Lord continued the ministry and inspired me to write a book, “From Bondage To Freedom”, Published by Dove Press 1992, which was financed by several churches inspired by the vision.

A copy of the manuscript found its way to Nigeria and I was invited to preach a revival in Nigeria in 1993 and made two trips there to speak in April to Aba and Enugu in July.

International Ministries See Nigeria Ministry

All these experiences over the years impressed me with a theme I felt was the heart of God to “Preach the Gospel to the poor” Luke 4:18-19. I know truly God has me here on earth to present this clear message of “Hope” to a lost and dying world. I’m so glad God called me in this day and He keeps me excited as I look forward to spending eternity with Him.

Presently I am a member of Park Cities Baptist Church, singing in the choir,

Park Cities Choir <see choir

preaching every Sunday except the first at Treemont Retirement Community on Harvest Hill at 1:30 PM. For many years I have labored together with Brothers Craig McGaha, Grady Peters, and Jonathan Woods who are like inspiring ministers of the gospel continuing the work of Canaan Valley Ministries with joy.

I am accounting supervisor for the American Association for Respiratory Care.

October 2007 issue of AARC Times Magazine

AARC photo  <See co-workers

My co-workers at AARC sent packages of goodies to military in Irag. That's me first on back row from left

All this keeps me very busy and very happy. One of my greatest joys is my mother, Ruby Mae Prince is still living. She's at Village at Richardson Nursing Home. My brother Garrett is there as well. Its has been so difficult at times trying to help them both but my rest and joy is in the Lord and I am so thankful God has chosen me to carry this burden along with my other brothers Tim and Elbert.
I am thankful that God has spared my life and allowed me to overcome a very serious illness that nearly took my life several year ago. So I appreciate so much my life and health he returned to enjoy a rich ministry as well as my wonderful and lovely children, grand children and sons in law Fred Achala and Jonathan Woods who both are ministers. I am so glad you chose to visit our site and let me share these few words. May the Lord help us to say a word to inspire you to press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.

May the Lord abundantly bless you in your work in the Lord in these last days till we see Christ face to face in all His glory!

In closing I would like to dedicate two new songs to my children, my sons in law and grand children. I love you all so much...May the Lord dwell in your hearts always!

Hear "Come and Fill My Heart" <<<<

Hear"Completely" <<<<<


Richard A. Prince, Pastor Canaan Valley Ministries

Select the link below and hear my word of encouragement to all my children: Jonathan & LaRethia, Fred & MeSheila, Richard II, Lawson & Irene, David & Vickie and all my beautiful grand children...I love you guys so much!

A word to my children<<<<<Select this link


 Family Album

Family Album II