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Great grandmother Margaret Henderson Jones (Center)was my grandmother Cornelia (Henderson) Prince mother (married to Gilbert B. Prince Sr. my dad's father). See her here with her two daughters Eliza Henderson called "Baby" left and Georgia Mae Jones Mathis right, my grandmother's sisters...Great grandmother Margaret was a former slave one owned by a dentist who willed her property in Gonzales after his death 

Once upon a time there was a family named Prince coming out of Georgia slavery. The family heads David 67 and Lucy 66 made their home in Belmont, Gonzales, Texas per the original 1870 census. Here is the 1870 census as follows:

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Good afternoon Richard,


After going through deed records David (Davis in the history book) sold one acre of land to be used for the "new" (this is my quote, as we know the older Princeville Cemetery in on the river and no one can get down there to do an inventory and the original church was nearby) Princeville Church for $5 on April 6, 1894.  This church and the Princeville Cemetery #2, as the neighbors call it, are right on the highway.


I am going to give you three census records for Gonzales County on the Prince Family.  If they were slaves, we don't know for whom as they do not show up on the Gonzales County Census for 1860.


1870 Census

Household 429B                                                                       

Name            Age       Place of Birth                 I think the  siblings are:                       

Boston           38         Georgia                                                    

Boston       11/12       Texas                                                       

Catherine      27         Georgia

David            67                " Here is David Prince head of household at age 67

Gilbert            2            Texas

Greene          26            Georgia

Hugh L.     6/12          Texas

Jane                10                "

Lucinda         6                  "

Lucy             66            North Carolina - Here is old David's wife head of household at age 66

Lucy M.        1             Texas

Mira               7                 "

Moses           13                "

Penelope      20            Georgia

Sally              20                   "

Samuel         24                   "


Household 430B

Jane                       21            Texas

Margarett A.            2                 "

Mary A.                  1                  "

Here's the record of heads of household from census:

Document to left from ancestry.com the earliest Gonzales Prince census on record show David at age 67 and Lucy 66 heads of household..

Here is an 1880 census showing David 71 and Lucy 70 and a daughter Cornelia 28.

                            David Prince deeds property for Princeville Baptist Church

Here is a copy page 1 of the original deed executed by David Prince to donate property for Princeville Baptist Church December 29th, 1893, filed in the county records April 9th 1894 at 4:00 PM and recorded May 1st, 1894 at 10:00 am

This is page 2 of David Prince deeding property to Princeville B.C. Notary Public.."The State of Texas, County of Gonzales Before me Geo W. Betts Notary Public in and for said County and State on this day personally offered David Prince Known of me to be the person whose name is subscribed to the foregoing instrument and he acknowledged to me that he executed the same for the purpose and condieration therein expressed Given under my hand and seal of office this 9th day of April AD 1894 Filed April 10/94 at 10 am, recorded May 1/94 at 10 am Geo W. Betts Notary Pub lic in and for Gonzales Co. Tex"

Here is a copy of the original deed conveying the property of David and Lucy Prince Filed December 9th 1882 at 11 am and recorded December 13th 1882 at 11 am(neither could read nor write) apparently the writer was confused as Lampkin rather than Prince appears as David and Lucy last name thoughout the initial document but properly filed and recorded as "Prince". It reads "The State of Texas County of Gonzales: Know all men...We David Lampkins and wife Lucy Lampkins of the County of Gonzales and State of Texas, in consideration of the sum of Ten Dollars to us cash in hand paid by Boston Davis, Samuel Prince, Green Davis, Catherine Prince, Cornelia Prince, and Penelope Prince, receipt of which we hereby acknowledge, have granted sold and conveyed, and by these payments do grant, sell and convey unto the said Boston Davis, Samuel Prince, Green Davis, Catherine Prince, Cornelia Prince and Penelope Prince of State and County aforemention, 210 acres of land out of a survey of 300 acres a part of the J. M. Salinas League Grant..."

"...for the above consideration that the remaining ninety acres our homestead, at our death if not otherwise disposed of during our lifetimes shall be divided equally between the above named parties, share and share alike, but we reserve the right should we see proper to sell said 90 acres during our lifetime to do so, To have and to hold unto the same Boston Davis, Samuel Prince, Green Davis, Catherina Prince, Cornelia Prince and Penelopa Prince their heirs and assign forever...Witness our hands at Gonzales this 9th day of November 1882 David (his x) Lampkins and Lucy (her x) Lampkins

This document makes special provision for his daughter "Cornelia Prince" Mention is made of property contining forty acres of land more or less after reserving one acre for school house and one acre for church house each of which acres having been conveyed by me for purpose of school and church and this is the forty acres of land intended to be conveyed by me in a joint-deed made by me to my children by deed recorded in book E2 pages 11&12 deed records of Gonzales Co. to which reference is there made together with all and singular the rights members improvements ...unto the said Cornelia Prince her heirs and assigns forever:...

for and in considration of the sum of Pure love and affection and five Dollars to me in hand paid by Cornelia Prince

Witness my hand at home this the 24th day of April, 1894 David (his x <mark) Prince The State of Texas County of Gonzales Before me G. W. Betts Notary Public on this day personally appeared David Prince Known to me to be the person whose name is subscribed to the foregoing instrument...24th day of April A. D. 1894 G. W. Betts, Notary Public in and for Gonzales, Co. Texas. Filed June 25th 1897 at 4 P. M. Recorded June 30the 1897 at 9 A. M.

Here is the Prince Family property: Tract one conveyed to Boston Davis and Samuel Prince by deed of date December 30th A. D. 1882 and executed by G. W. Littlefield, and also bing the same property conveyed to Samuel Prince by Boston Davis by deed dated June 9th 1894.  Tract two two hundred acres conveyed to Boston Davis and Samuel Prince by J. J. Hodges May A. D. 1878

Said 200 acres of land being the same property conveyed to Samuel Prince by Boston Davis, by deed dated June 9th, 1894, now of record in Volume x-2, page 31, of the deed records of Gonzales County, Texas...(1) one, in the designation of homestead of Samuel Prince and Sarah Prince, said designation being of record in Vol. 70 page 47 et seq., Co Deed REcords, and bearing date Jan. 19, 1903, to which designation and teh records heretofore mentioned, reference is here made and being the same property conveyed to Wm. Neuhous by Samuel Prince and wife, Sarah Prince, by deed dated January 29th, 1908, of record in Volume 82, page 429...LEAVING 165 1/2 acres more or less, as the land thereby intented to be demised, leased and let. It is agreed that this lease shall remain in force for a term of Five years from this date, and as long thereafter as oil or gas, or either of them, is produced from said land by the lessee...To pay the lessor one Hundred fifty Dollars each year, in advance, for gas from each well where gas only is found, while the same is being used off the premises, and lessor to have gas free of cost from any such well for all stoves and all inside lights in the principal dwelling house on said land during the same time by making their own connections with the well at their own risk and expense.

See the note below from Pat Mosher  director of Gonzales County Record Center. Here research shows Boston#1, Greene #1, Samuel and Catherine were siblings. Samuel and Sarah are the parents of the eleventh year old Boston and Gilbert 2 (Gilbert the 2 year old was my grandfather)

Here's the rest of David and Lucy family on the 1870 census with 10 year old Jane...The old Greene Prince is a brother of Samuel Prince. Old Greene had a son later David Prince married to Caloma Polk Prince

See here's the David Prince son of old Greene Prince brother of Samuel Prince

See here is David son of old Greene Prince from slavery family

Keep in mind the names Sarah and Sally were interchangeable.  I would think Boston #1, Greene, Samuel, and Catherine were siblings,  We do know for sure Sally and Samuel are the parents of: Boston, the eleven month old and Gilbert.  


           In Memorial of our lost love ones

David L. Prince  son of Green Prince

Caloma Polk Prince wife of David L. Prince

Dr. Samuel R. Prince, Pres General Bapt Convention of TEX and Pastor, Mt. Pisgah B.C., Fort Worth, TX