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"Keep a good spirit" 

Original bumper sticker to left "Keep A Good Spirit" was his motto

Pastor G. B. Prince, Jr. Memorial Musical Slated

For Immediate Release


Dallas (July 6, 2004) – A Memorial Musical honoring Pastor G. B. Prince, Jr., is planned for Sunday, July 18, 4 p.m. at Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church in Dallas.


“My father touched all of us in so many ways,” says Rev. Prince’s son Richard. “I thank God for my spiritual upbringing. I owe much to my wise father.”


Beginning his pastorate in July 1958, Pastor Prince ministered to the 3,000-member church near downtown Dallas. He began growing the church by focusing on fiscal responsibility. Under his direction the church worked to clear its debt, organized new auxiliaries remodeled the Sanctuary and built an educational building.


Rev. Prince’s ministry also saw the establishment of a new church building at Washington and Munger, which opened its doors in November 1985. Before that time the church met at its Caddo Street location.


According to the Church’s History: “After 31 years of faithful service to this church, like the mighty Oak, his work was finished. Rev. Prince went home to be with his Master to enjoy Him Eternally.” He instilled his motto in the life of the membership to always “Keep a good spirit”.


A few years before his departure, Rev. Prince wrote his life’s story The Life’s Works of a Shepherd” dedicated to his faithful wife, Ruby Mae Prince who will be present and hear it read by her son, Rev. Richard Prince. After the reading, members the original building committee will reflect on their work with Pastor G. B. Prince. They are Bro. A. A. Davis, Wadie Mae Brown, Bro. Curtis McCarty, Sis. Louvenia Hatley, Bro. Detroit Packer, Bro. Abe Washington and Bro. Calvin Stevens.

Dad was Born Oct 6, 1911 - Mother was Born April 1, 1919 Dad was 8 years older...she is 93 as of Jan 3, 2012 

Written by Pastor Gilbert B. Prince Jr., click the link below and wait 3 minutes and hear narration and see pictures of Pastor Prince, Prince family, members of Pilgrim Rest and members of churches pastored all the way to opening day of the new Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church building November 10, 1985.

Marriage License of Gilbert B. Prince Jr. and Ruby Mae (Burleson) Prince, married June 29 1936 by Rev. J. T. Langham...Gilbert was 25 years old and Ruby was 17 years old

They say the "love of a good woman shall see you through." With the help of the Lord and Ruby Mae, my "good woman" and wife of 51 years, I have come a long way. I wrote this part of my life story in tears because I remember how great God has been to me and how much of a help she was to me. Even when she was sick she was alway there to help me, wait on me, and care for our children. She has pray with me through all the lean years and the prosperous years. When I could hardly make ends meet, she was there. (From chapter one of the "The Life Works of a Shepherd" written by Pastor Gilbert B. Prince Jr.)                                       Mrs. Ruby Mae Prince current resides at Village at Richardson Nursing Home, 1111 Rockingham Drive, Richardson, TX 75080  Please come by and visit, she would love to see you. 

Mother's high school graduation picture about 15 or 16 years old

Another pose

Mom married Dad at 17 years old

Young Gilbert B. Prince Jr. They met in Terrell, TX while visiting his brother Raphael

Dad's homegoing Celebration April 15, 1989 before he died he scheduled me to preach the Sunday after the funeral April 16, 1989 which I fulfilled.

Hear and view the autobiography of Pastor Prince, see pictures of Prince Family, Pilgrim Rest Members and other churches pastored to opening day of Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church new building 1819 N. Washington Street >     slides    <Click here, Open with PowerPoint - This is a large file,  please wait 3 minute for it to open

David Prince earliest known Prince according to the Gonzales county records brought his family out of Georgia from slavery and settled in Gonzales

From: Gonzales County Record Center

Subject: Re: infomation about a town named Princeville
After going through deed records David (Davis in the history book) sold one acre of land to be used for the "new" (this is my quote, as we know the older Princeville Cemetery in on the river and no one can get down there to do an inventory and the original church was nearby) Princeville Church for $5 on April 6, 1894.  This church and the Princeville Cemetery #2, as the neighbors call it, are right on the highway.

I am going to give you three census records for Gonzales County on the Prince Family.  If they were slaves, we don't know for whom as they do not show up on the Gonzales County Census for 1860.


1870 Census

Household 429B                                                                       

Name            Age       Place of Birth                 I think the  siblings are:                       

Boston           38         Georgia                                                    

Boston       11/12       Texas                                                       

Catherine      27         Georgia

David            67                "

Gilbert            2            Texas

Greene          26            Georgia

Hugh L.     6/12          Texas

Jane                10                "

Lucinda         6                  "

Lucy             66            North Carolina

Lucy M.        1             Texas

Mira               7                 "

Moses           13                "

Penelope      20            Georgia

Sally              20                   "

Samuel         24                   "


Household 430B

Jane                       21            Texas

Margarett A.            2                 "

Mary A.                  1                  "
Keep in mind the names Sarah and Sally were interchangeable.  I would think Boston #1, Greene, Samuel, and Catherine were siblings,  We do know for sure Sally and Samuel are the parents of: Boston, the eleven month old and Gilbert. 

1880 Census


Catherina        42    GA                               

Catherine        1        TX

Cornelia           28    GA

David                71      "

Elmira                17    TX

Hugh L.            10       "

Lucy                   70     NC

Lucy                   11     TX

Moses                20        "

Penelope           7          "

Penelope           30     GA


Household 488A    My grand father's siblings - Head of Household - Samuel and Sarah Prince who moved from Georgia slavery to Gonzales
Here are their children:
Adolph        4        TX - Son Lee Prince Sr, Grandson Lee Prince Jr.

Alma            3          "

Boston        10          " Rev. Boston J. Prince, Pastor Messiah B. C. Cleveland, OH 

Dallas           6          " Uncle Dallas live in Gonzales

Gilbert        12          " <This is my grandfather Gilbert B. Sr. - my father: Gilbert Jr.

Green            8          " Here is Dr. G.L. Prince Pres. Nat'l Bapt Conv, Pastor L. Ave. Bapt Church Galveston, TX, the Oldest Black Baptist Church in Texas

Moses        3/12      "

Samuel        38        GA- moved to Gonzales from slavery Father - Samuel Prince

Samuel         8        TX Here is Dr. Samuel R. Prince twin brother to Dr. G.L. Prince - S. R. was Pres. General Bapt Convention of Tex Pastor, Mt. Pisgah B. C. Ft. Worth Tx

Sarah            27       GA- moved to Gonzales from slavery  Mother - Sarah Prince

These three children, Silas 13, Ina 11, and Andrew 10 Thomas all born in Texas were living with Samuel and Sarah. 

1900 Census

86A Household

Cath****        52        GA

Elmira            37       TX

Elvina            6/12    TX

J.W.                27            "

Cornelia        50        GA

Ernest               2        TX

87A Here is part of grandfather's household in the 1900 census

Dallas        26        TX  - uncle Dallas

Sarah        7/12       " Grand dad's only sister

Sarah        32           

Virgie L.    3            "


87B Here is my grandfather's household in the 1900 census

Adolph        23    TX - uncle Adolph, grand dad's brother later moved to San Antonio

Alma            20      "

Garrett        10      " - Uncle Garrett, grand dad's brother - Rev. Garrett Prince, Pastor Fourth Missionary B. C. Houston, TX

Milton         16      " Uncle Milton, grand dad's brother

Moses          19      "

Pickney       13      "Uncle Pickney, grand dad's brother - Dr. Pinkney Prince, Pastor Morning Star B.C. Chicago, IL

Sam              57    GA - Grand Dad's Father Samuel

Sarah           48       " - Grand Dad's Mother



Cornelia A        30    TX

Lillian                  3      "

S.R.                     30      "



Amos            3    TX

Cornelia    28      "

Gilbert       32      "

Malvana    10      "

Raphied      5        "


I am not able to trace them to slavery, some of the children born here were born during slavery, these folks could possibly have been freed when they migrated from Georgia.  You may want to check that state for further information.  We can tell you there are no White Prince folks in this area, and at the time of emancipation, most slaves took their masters surname as theirs.  I do    wonder if Greene and Samuel were twins, or perhaps one was born in January and the other in December.  You will notice the given names carried through, Brothers and Cousins had the same names. 


We have a very interesting lunacy probate on Cornelia Prince whose sister Catherine Prince is taking care of her.  This would be the Cornelia 50, on the 1900 census.  We just need to see who the Father of both these girls are.

I can take you back five generations starting with YOU, Gilbert B. Jr., Gilbert B. Sr., Samuel, David beyond that you will again, have to research in Georgia.

Left my Dad' brother Verlie Prince and Dad My dad was the youngest of ten siblings, His parents were Gilbert B. Prince Sr. and Cornelia (Henderson) Prince Born October 6, 1911 in Gonzales, Texas

 Pastor G. B. Prince Jr. Family Tree. <Select for Pastor G. B. Prince Family Tree

Raphael Prince obituary side 1 <Dad's brother Parents - Gilbert B. Prince Sr. & Cornelia (Henderson) Prince

Raphael Prince obituary side 2 <Dad's brother

Clarence Mae (Prince) Hellum Uncle Raphael's (Dad's Brother) daughter

Fred Prince, Uncle Raphael's Son

Aunt Clara, my Dad's sister

Dad's family in Gonzales

Isiah Prince obituary Uncle Raphael's son <Parents Raphael Prince and Annie Terrell Prince

Isiah Prince obituary page 2

Isiah Prince obituary page 3.

Ruby Mae (Burleson) Prince Tree Family side.  <Select for Ruby Prince side of Family Tree

Select here to view extended Burleson family tree<Select for Ruby Prince extended family

My mother, Ruby Mae (Burleson) Prince brother Rev. Floyd D. Burleson, born June 26, 1919 to the parentage of Eula and Charlie Burleson, died October 22, 2007. He was united in holy matrimony to Elsie Presley who preceded him in death. To this union four children were born. Later in life he met and married Willie Mae Alexander. He founded and served as pastor of Greater Power House Church of God in Christ for 58 years. He leaves to cherish his memory, his beloved wife Willie Mae Burleson,  one sister Ruby Prince, one son Floyd Burleson Jr. of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, daughters Ann Mitchell (who preceded him in death), Doris Bables of Dallas, Texas, Sandra Thomas of Dallas, Texas, Gwendolyn Bonnie of Dallas, Texas, Sandra Thomas of Dallas, Texas, Peggy Morka of Ft. Worth, Texas, grandchildren; great grandchildren and a host of nieces, nephews, other relatives, his church family and friends.

Aunt Lois Owens, my mother's sister

Aunt Mae (Eula Mae Buleson) my mother's sister

My mother's mother, (Eula Mae Burleson) sister Plumie

Unidentified photos found recently in mother's picture billfold album...possibly brothers

"Go and tell my servant David, thus saith the Lord, Shalt thou build me a house for me to dwell in?..He shall build me a house for my name, and I will establish the throne of his kingdom forever." II Samuel 7:5,13 [Ground breaking ceremony early 1984 - Jerry Thomas, Vice President of Southland Corporation here pictured in front with pastor Prince and members of Building Committee] "In 1980, we began the task of trying to see what we could do to enlarge the building at 2525 Caddo Street. When we tried to buy the land north of the church, we found out that Southland Corporation also wanted to buy this land, as well as buy us out. We had already bought two lots on Caddo Street. But we also knew we could not buy out a large, strong corporation like Southland. This was the beginning of our long, hard struggle to accomplish our dream of a new church building. In February, 1980, I called together Sister Wadie Brown and Brothers A. A. Davis, W. C. Childs, Calvin Stevens, Cornelius Lee, Curtis McCarty, Detroit Packard, and E. Brice Cunningham to form a new building Committee. Our goal - to plan to rebuild at the Caddo Street location or build elsewhere...March 1983 we finalzed a deal to exchange our property with Southland for the property they had bought earlier at the corner of Washington and Munger Street. January 1984, contruction bids were opened for our considration. A month later we selected Lloyd Blaylock as the general contractor. Work began on the new church February 13, 1984." G. B. Prince Jr.

Here we are about 1960

Mother inside newly remodeled Parsonage across street from new building

Ribbon Cutting Entrance Service for new Building Entrance Service November 10, 1985 at 1819 Washington Street. "For we know that if our earthly house of this tabernacle were dissolved, we have a building of God, a house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens...and what agreement hath the temple of the living God hath said, I will dwell in them, and walk in them; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people." II Corinthians 5:1; 6:16..."Well, we finally made it into our new church home. But the long haul is not over. We must constantly be obedient to God. It is good to know that God honors those that honor Him. Because He certainly honored us with our beautiful edifice. Although we are in our new church, we cannot rest on our laurels. We must continue to work for the Lord. We must thank the Lord for His Blessings and prepare our hearts for Judgment Day." Pastor G. B. Prince Jr.

Entrance day service Nov 10, 1985

Left to right, Diane Chambers, musician, Rev. G. B. Prince Jr., Seated, Sis. Luvenia Hatley, church secretary, Bro. Curtis McCarty, deacon, Brotherhood Chairman, member of building Committee, Sis. Wadie Mae Brown, Senior Choir Pres & building Committee, Bro Kenneth Rowe, Organist - Music Director

Presentation to Pastor at end of service...pictured left to right Bro. Clyde Edwards, Curtis McCarty, Rev. Prince, Chairman of deacons Allen Davis

Rev. G. B. Prince and Senior Choir

                  OUR MOTHER - Mrs. Ruby Mae Prince                                   

Mrs. Ruby Mae Prince "mother"

Mother in bedroom

Mother in Living Room

                         OUR DADDY - Gilbert B. Prince Jr.                                 


December 1964

May 1972

Feb 2, 1985

May 1970


Christmas 1972

Sept convention 1985

                                    Dad & Mom



May 1970

June 1983

Pastor & Wife's Anniversarry July 23, 1972

Aug 1969

Aug 1969


July 1983

Gilbert B. Prince III - first born son died 18 months old

Gilbert B. Prince III died 18 months. Dad writes "By the time Gilbert B. Prince, III, our first son was born, we were called to the Mount Moriah Baptist Church in Hillsboro, Texas. My first full time church! How challenging and exciting this was for me and my wife. Mt. Moriah had gone into receivership. We purchased it back for $300 Then I had to work long and hard to pay for it. But we made it. Then more trials and sorrow came. It was during these times that we learned to trust God for everything. Dad died in 1938. And Gilbert III died in 1939. But some joy brightened our lives in late 1939 when our only daughter, Betty Jo, was born in November. Then the Lord saw fit to call me to Samaria Baptist Church in Waxahachie. There my wonderful family continued to blossom when Timothy Joe was born in 1941."



Nadeen, Billy Ray & Betty best friends Waco Texas

A Tribute to my best friend...Betty, Richard A. Prince


Betty was the oldest and called me "little brat" growing because I being the baby in those early days before Elbert was born always got her steaming mad at me...When she went away to Texas Southern University I said to myself now her bedroom that was always a fancinating place to explore when she was out was free game. once I found these bells she wore on her cheerleader boots in the trash she reclaimed them and she must have dug her long finger nails in my little arms (which I called her claws) to make me let them go, I thought the dents would never wear out. When Dad and Mom was away on trips to various church meetings and conventions, she was my second mother cooking and cleaning for Garrett my older brother and me. The older I grew the closer we were. I loved those lemon chess pies she made. We later traded good books to read. She'll read a good one and give it to me and then we'd discuss and visa versa. Partners we were forever.  She took pride in everything I did in life from college to ministry she was my partner. Later in life I wrote a book that got published, "From Bondage to Freedom" and Betty was one of my biggest fans and that made it that much more special. When I was engaged she took my credit cards and took my soon to be wife, Nancy Anderson to Neiman Marcus and dressed her in the finest. After Dad went home, she was even closer as we teamed up to figure out how to help mother live as she gradually became unable to make it on her own. We located a retirement home "Treemont Retirement" on Harvest Hill Road and then Betty went home to be with the Lord shortly after getting her settled December 2004. I miss Betty so much but I know God knows best and now she is in a better place and I am the better for having had her these many years.

My sister Betty J. McClellan went to be with the Lord December 2004

Husband C. T. McClellan and Betty

My brother-in-law, C. T. McClellan

                                                 Betty's Children

Betty's children left to right Angela, twin Anthony and William S. Jr. Shaw (center is Anthony, Angela's twin we lost at age 11 while doctors were performing a routine Tonsillectomy)

                                         Betty's Son William

William Shedrick Shaw Jr.

Elbert and Williams

    Within a few months Betty's two Children, William Shaw and Angela Hicks lost both their mother and their spouses...may God for ever give them and their children peace till they see them again on the other side....

William's loving wife Frankie went to be with the Lord the following year after William lost his mother Betty. She was a faithful and devoted servant of the Lord, wife and mother...we shall always miss Frankie and her warm caring expressions to reach out and touch the souls of eveyone she meet....

Alyshia BriAnn, at 9 months old July 1993

                      Betty's Daughter Angela

Angela and Jeffrey Jr. standing and Dimekia in mother's lap

Here are the Hicks family today, left to right my nephew Jeffery a recent graduate of Mississippi State has joined the US Airforce, my neice Dimekia freshman in college and their mother Angela what a blessing and inspiration they are

Here is Angela and Husband Jeffrey HicksSr.... we shall always remember and miss Jeffery a loving husband and father went to be with the Lord in 2005

Dimekia Danyelle Hicks 3 months old

Jeffery Maurice Hicks Born Baylor Medical Center, July 29, 1987, 10:17:6lbs, 15 oz

Here is Jeffery Jr. receiving his bachelor degree in Business Administration at Mississippi State University, December 11, 2009 a very proud moment for all our family...God's abundant blessing be with Jeffery for a bright and prosperous future

Jeffery's degree


Timothy J. Prince

Tim with mother

Dad, Mom & Tim standing dinner after church

Tim and Denise Prince

Denise & daughter Shaunda


Shaunda & Tosca



Angela, Cynthia, Karen & Gregory

T. J. Prince the young pastor of Morning View Baptist Church, one of the largest Afro-American churches in Detroit Michigan

Tim's home in Detroit


Gregory 5 & Cynthia 6 years old


Tim Jr., Cynthia, Gregory Prince

Pastor T. J. Prince was called to Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church in Oakland, CA, another great church.

Pastor T. J. Organized Abyssinian Missionary Baptist Church in Oakland, CA and it is still going strong...

Tim Jr., Dad, Orlando

Tim's son Gregory Prince

                            Garrett William Prince

Daddy, Garrett & me in LA 1957

1959 Richard Elbert & Garrett (Daddy called to Pastor Pilgrim Rest a few month earlier 1958 we are wearing our first suits)

Garrett Elbert center and Richard

Garrett at Christmas on den steps leading to dinning room

Garrett and Dad

                            Elbert James Prince & Family

Elbert at 4 years old

Elbert and Richard

Elbert Prince, Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church Basketball team member at one of the scheduled games.

Mom & Elbert

Elbert James Prince Jr.

Elbert Jr.

Elbert Jr.

Elbert Jr.

Elbert Jr.

Elbert Prince Jr. sons, left to right Jaylin Prince, Alex brother Adrian Larry II (center) and Alex Prince

Jaylin and brother Alex at Water Park

Jaylin at Water Park


Jaylin Prince 7 months old 11-5-03 son of Elbert Jr.

                  Richard Allen Prince & Family

Here we are at home, Garrett on bed Elbert and I standing

I received an award my senior year at Booker T. Washington H.S. along with three other solists for first time ever classical music recital presented by asstant principal Robert S. Andrews, music director professor McKenzie

Richard Prince, Tenor soloist Booker T. Washington Recital 1967

Dad and mom took us traveling to New York. Here am I in my room at the Hilton in New York

Wherever we stayed on trips I loved to try out the swimming pool. I taught myself how to swim as we did not have money for swimming lessons. I always was good at reading books to learn how to do things. I taught myself how to play guitar as well.

To my surprise Dad forgot I was not yet 22 years old when I transferred from El Centro College in Dallas to University of North Texas State in Denton so he told the registrar I would be living off campus in my own apartment. This is my apartment at UNT

University of North Texas, Denton, TX 1973


Dad bought me this brand new gold and white Buick Skylark after transferring from El Centro College to drive back and forth to University of North Texas to complete my degree. I graduated December 1973 with a bachelors in accounting

This is where I spent a lot of time - North Texas Library

"Oh happy day"! I boldly cleaned out my apartment waiting my grades in the mail for the last semester. I called home and low and behold mother went to the mailbox and said I had a letter from North Texas. I bravely asked her to open and read my grades and I could have ran back to Dallas in my bare feet when she read them and told me I had passed!!!! What a joy and a thrill as mother and I celebrated on the phone so here I am...happy as I can be headed back home to wait to receive my bachelors in accounting degree.

I was in the choir at Pilgrim Rest and often sang solo's. One favorite was "God Has Smiled On Me" Here I'm singing it in our annual Christmas musical of the Santuary Choir

Dad and I at wedding...son in training

Dad & I

Jan 26, 1978 Betty and I

I met Nancy L. Jones June 16, 1976, proposed June 19th of that week and we married the next month, July 17, 1976 at Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church Robert Murphy was my best man and Rev. Charles McGee Officiary married us.

We both were employed at Dallas Independent School District. I was at the administration building as an accountant and she a secretary at Arts Magnet after a long nursing career and many other occupations.

Our oldest Daughter LaRethia, 5 and her cousin Pitt came to greet the new bundle of joy MeSheila Nahaas days after her birth July 6th, 1977 for my part you can view my greatest handi work, I platted LaRethia hair before the arrival. Now that the most I can say about what to do with two little girls. The rest was up to Nancy but what a blessing both of them are. I will give nothing for my two girls. It seems girls spoil daddys worst than anyone and how can you say no to either?

I'm holding newborn MeSheila

I'm holding Richard II

Here is tiny MeSheila


Easter 1978 MeSheila, 10 months old, LaRethia 7 years old

We visited the Marsalis zoo Summer 1978 pose in front of Tiger cage

Houston Astro-World Summer 1981 MeSheila 3 years old, Richard II 1year old, LaRethia 9 years old

Astro World summer 1981- MeSheila and Richard II take flight on the plane ride


LaRethia DeLes

MeSheila NaHaas

Richard Allen II

I loved to play guitar. When I was 8 I was always facinated about learning how to play a guitar. Since we could not afford lessons nor at first a real guitar, I bought toy guitars until I bought a used one at a garage sale and later a new one. I played with groups, talent shows and any where I could. I played at talent shows at El Centro College and my guitar kept me company all through North Texas State. After a tiring day I could always get so much release pulling out my stack of music and singing and playing the latest tunes. On holidays all my neices and nephews gather around and we'd sing Thanksgiving songs at Thanksgiving and Christmas songs at Christmas time. I was never too far from my guitar. My baby brother Elbert picked up my love for playing the guitar and we often played together.

Nancy's mother Mrs. Luvenia Anderson...what a sweet wonderful woman alway helping Nancy and I in so many ways...I miss that cornbread and blackeyed peas. Nancy and I many days struggled to make ends meet with the three children but mother Luvenia always had a plan to help us get through. Her heart was always filled with the Lord and did not care who knew, praising and shouting to the Lord in the church and at home...


Here we are on Dathe Street in front of our house one Easter morning my girls and I...MeSheila and LaRethia standing

I was called to pastor Greater Elam Grove Bapt. Church in Mabank, TX

My Dad brought choirs and users from Pilgrim Rest to help install me as pastor April 1981. I served till July 1986 the last year left my job at Dallas Independent School District to serve full-time trusting in God for my family and I to provide and God mightily took care of us by His grace and mercy...

Our journey of faith to leave our home in Dallas to follow the Lord full-time was truly a miracle from God. We found a lessor just as we was moving out. (One of the movers accepted the lease giving us a down payment) When God spoke to us to return, a man came by the house we were buying in Cherokee Shores the day before I announce to anyone I was resigning to return to Dallas offered to buy that house. Shortly after we returned to Dallas, our lessor defaulted on his lease payments and abandomed our house so we walked right back in the house on Tres Logos Lane and shortly there after October 1986 organized Canaan Valley Church. Praise to God for His rich and wonderful grace and mercy on my family and I.

When the membership of Canaan Valley Church grew I sought a larger place to worship, first at a store front corner Barnes Bridge at Shiloh in Casa View area of Dallas then after we failed to get a vacant property formerly used by a Vietnames Church and no given notice to move by the landlords, another miracle, the former campus of the Dallas Bible College was vacant awaiting bankruptcy procedures allowed us to move in for the consideration of payment of utilities and upkeep of the property. Needless to say we quickly accepted and the Lord turned our attention on using the 11 1/2 acre property for church and ministry to the homeless.

Here's Richard II in the lounge area being remodeled

My grandson Marcus Allen Prince, my daughter LaRethia's son age 1 years old on LaPrada 

Marcus Allen Prince growing up

Marcus as of this date October 17, 2010 is back from Iraq after serving one year and now stationed in Hawaii...Please pray God give Marcus strength and protection along with the thousands of servicemen and women in the armed forces serving to protect our freedom around the world.

Jessika and Staphanie Elizabeth Anderson daugters of LaRethia & Kevin Anderson

These were days of great joys as well as sorrows seeing God move using us as instruments of compassion for the poor and homeless. Volunteers to help the work came from all over Dallas. Surrounding neighbors including the president of Eastfield College across the street were both encouraging and supportive, nevertheless collecting bank did not accept our offer to buy or lease the property after we brought it up to livable conditions and filled the rooms with people off the street seeking to get a new start on life. We were told to move and the Dallas Morning Newws captioned the picture above on the front page "NO PLACE TO GO"

We did everything we knew to do to try to keep the property and preserved the hope of the people that depended on us to provide shelter till they could get on their feet but attorneys for the bank were quick to do everything to evict us from the property as soon as possible as they eyed a more propective buyer to purchase the property for a drug and alcohol treatment center that did not allow any religious activity on the property. So we were evicted in ordered to leave early  one one December morning with only an hour to clear the entire buildings with the help of a large army of sheriff department officers. They set a very large collection of furnishings as well as personal belongings out with the forcast predicting a winter storm on the horizon. Neverless, God held back the storm and brought an equally army of compassionate people from all over asking what they could do to help us. On man came up and donated his big truck to move us our belonging where ever we needed. A neigbor volunteered her large back yard for storage equally for as long as we needed. On that cold wintery night our group made tents like the children of Israel fleeing from Egypt, taking ships guarding the property from theives. I got out of my ford station with windows not able to close and called for a circle for prayer. I prayed David's prayer in the Psalm "Never have I seen the righteous forsaken nor his children begging for bread..." True to His word God moved on teh heart of the manager of Kroger to fill up my wagon with bread two days after our eviction. It was so much of an overflow we took bread to other food pantries since it was to much for us before it spoiled on our watch. As if that was not enother, God used one of constables that was helping to move us out to invite me to preach at his church in Pleasant Grove which gave me an offering sufficient to pay a few nights bill at Motel 6 so we all could get a good nights sleep. During that stay another miracle happened as one of our residents knew of an owner of Town House in Balch Springs, TX. He contacted him and he invited us all to come and stay in three town house free rent indefinitely until we all found permenent housing. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!!!

Here  Johnny and Bro. Parish remodeling doorway from kitchen to dining room 

Though the transition from the work with the homeless was trying and testing God brought us through true to His word, He that has begun a good work in us will finish...During the gap I was rehired by DISD to establish GED and computer classes in organizations such as Dallas Life foundation, Day Resource Center, Stewpot and other organizations that provided services to the poor. During the interim I also taught GED to earn an income to support my family. My family and I joined Hillcrest Church that had a burden to help the poor while I was still looking for a more permanent job. While there members helped me finish and publish a book I was writing "From Bondage To Freedom" inspired by the years of ministry since my call. During that time another miracle happened in Wednesday night prayer meeting. Pastor Morris Sheat had a vision for jobs and invited anyone looking for a job to stand up for prayer. I said to myself "this is surely for me". He asked us that stood to be specific and speak out what job you are seeking. When my turn came I said "accounting". To my surprise a lady on the opposite side of the room rose whom I never met immediately rose and said "I have a job for Richard". Well I just could not believe it until after service she came over to meet me and tell me more. She was Dr. Mary Beene Assistant director of Animal Resources UT Southwestern Medical Center. Her accountant was leaving because of medical reasons and she wanted me to apply. You probably can guess the ending I got the job. The picture of above is my office at UTSMC where I worked the next four years as senior accountant. My book was published December 1982 and in circulation before Christmas. The Christmas 1989 at the time of eveiction appeared dark but the one three years later was glorious. "Let us go forth therfore unto Him without the camp, bearing His reproach. For here have we no continuing city, but we seek one to come." Hebrews 13:13-14

Richard II and daughter Allena not pictured above

                                                      Prince Family Tree

    David Prince - Samuel Prince's Father Donated the property for Princeville Bapt. Church 
               Samuel & Sarah Prince Parents of 11 boys and one girl
1. Dr. G. L. Prince, Pas- Ave L. B C GalvesPres. Nat'l Bapt. Conven of Amer (Twin Bro S.R.)
2. Dr. S.R. Prince, Pas-Mt. Pisgah Ft. WorPres. Gen. Bapt. Convent of TX(Twin Bro G.L)
3. Rev. Boston J. Prince, Pas Messiah BCCleveland, OH
4. Rev, Garrett Prince, PastorMount Olive Missionary B.C Houston, TX
5. Dr. Pinkney Prince, PastorMorning Star B. C., Chicago, IL
6. Dallas Prince, Gonzales, TX7. Virgie Prince, Gonzales, TX
8. Rev. Adolph Prince, San Antonio9. John Prince, Gonzales, TX
10. Gilbert B.Sr Cornelia (Henderson)Prince<<My Dad's parents - Gonzales, TX
1. Milton Prince, Gonzales1.Sarah Prince, Gonzales, TX - only girl
Gilbert B. & Cornelia (Henderson) Prince Family Parents of 10 siblings - 3 unknown 
1. Clara Prince2. Malvina Prince
3. Raphael Prince4. Amos Prince
5. Versa Prince (twin to Verlie)6. Verlie Prince
7. Gilbert. B. Prince Jr. (youngest)  dadRuby Mae (Burleson) Prince mom
[Gilbert III, Betty Joe, Timothy J., Garrett W.Richard A., Elbert J.] <<siblings


Mount Pisgah Baptist Church, Ft. Worth, TX, Dr. Samuel R. Prince, Pastor

Dr. Samuel R. Prince (August 15, 1870- February 19, 1955) was born in Gonzales, Texas. As a minister, he pastored St. Matthew Baptist Church, Fort Worth, Texas. He served as superintendent of Missions of the General Baptist Convention, Moderator of the North Texas Association, President of the Missionary Baptist General Covention of Texas, President of the State Sunday School Congress, Secretary of the National Baptist B.Y.P.U. Board. He served as Secretary of the Benevolence Board from the time of its organization until 1953, as Pastor of Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church, Ft. Worth, Texas From 1908 to 1953.

 The following Biography of Dr. Green L. Prince, President of the National Baptist Convention , 1933 was taken from "The President Speaks" by Marvin C. Griffin, Historian National Baptist Convention of America Copyright@ 1989 Library of Congress CIP number 89-9830 ISBN 1-55513-085-2

"Texas' first African American Baptist Church"
 Avenue L Missionary Baptist Church, Galveston, Texas. Dr. Green L. Prince, Pastor and President of the National Baptist Convention of America. An outgrowth of the Colored Baptist Church formed in 1840 as the slave congregation of the First Missionary Baptist Church, the church moved to the Avenue L site in 1855 with Reverend Israel S Campbell serving as the pastor. The 1900 Storm destroyed that building. The Tanner Brothers Contractors and Architects, an African-American firm, constructed the present structure in 1916. Visible on the west side behind the brick church is the wooden church of 1904.

  Rev. G. L. Prince A. M. D. D. Pastor, Avenue L Baptist Church, Galveston, Texas. President of the National Baptist Convention

Green L. Prince (1870-1956) was born in Princeville, Gonzales County, Texas, August 15, 1870. He was twin brother of Samuel Prince and one of a family of twelve children born to Samuel Prince and wife, Sarah. He was educated in the public schools of Texas. He entered the Christian ministry after twenty-nine years as a school teacher. During that time, he served as President of Sanjo College for three years; principal of an Indian school in Muskogee, Oklahoma; and principal of a high school in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In the fall of 1944, he became President of Mary Allen College, Crockett, Texas, which was owned and controlled by the Missionary Baptist Convention of Texas. He established the G. L. Prince Hospital in Crockett. Dr. Prince was married to Laura F. Prince for many years. They had four children: two sons and two daughters. Laura died February 20, 1939. In June, 1940. he marred Gertrude Naomi Johnson of Fort Worth, Texas. Dr. Prince Pastored in San Antonio, Texas; First Baptist Church, Tulsa, Oklahoma; Central Baptist Church, Muskogee, Oklahoma; Francis Street Baptist Church, St. Joseph, Missouri (ten years); Greater Zion, Denver, Colorado; and Avenue L Baptist Church, Galveston, Texas for twenty-three years. He was elected President of the National Baptist Convention of America in Chicago, Illinois in 1933. He served as one of the vice presidents of the Baptist World Alliance. He traveled extensively throughout America, Europe, Asia, and Africa for the cause of Christ. Dr. Prince died Thursday morning, November 29, 1956 at 4:30 am.

Pastor Garrett W. Prince.  Picture - Pastor, Mt. Olive Missionary Baptist Church, Houston, Texas

Pastor Garrett W. Prince   Original obituary written by Pastor Garrett

Pastor Pinkney A. Prince, D. D..  Picture - Pastor, Morning Star Baptist Church, Chicago, ILL

Pastor Pinkney A.Prince, D. D.. Original obituary written by The National Globe and National Baptist Union-Review


Gibert Sr, last brother, Rev. Adolph Prince celebrates 101st Birthday, Dec 31, 1977

Pastor G. B. Prince Jr. grandparents Samuel and Sarah's original property deeded  Dec 30, 1882

Pastor G. B. Prince Jr.'s grandmother, his mother's mother, a former slave Margaret Henderson, center with sister Eliza on left and daughter Georgia Mathis on right <Select to see picture

Comment from great grandson of Annie Mae Mathis Cash Byrd, (daughter of Georgia Mathis)

Derrick Cash:

Reverend Richard,
Georgia Mae Jones Mathis is the mom of
Annie Mae Mathis Cash Byrd who is the mom of
Parthenia Cash who is the mom of
Derrick Charles Cash
Clarence Mae Mathis McIver was my great aunt and Annie Mae Mathis Cash Byrds sister.
Larn D. Mathis was my great uncle and Annie Mae Mathis Cash Byrd's brother.

Derrick Cash
Materials Analyst
Service Parts Supply-Chain (SPS)
595 Miner Road
Cleveland, Ohio 44143
Phone: 1-440-483-6510, Fax: 1-440-483-2712

Pastor G. B. Prince Jr. 's grandmother Margaret seated, daughters Eliza Henderson and  Minerva Henderson Lampkin. Grandmother Margaret was a former slave <Select link to see picture

Pastor G. B. Prince Jr.'s Grandmother Margaret Family Tree <Select here to see grandmother Margaret's family tree

See Aunt Georgia Mae Mathis Obituary - outside cover. <Select to see obituary June 15, 1989

See Aunt Georgia Mae Mathis Obituary - inside order of service.<Select to see order of service

 David Prince family

 John Wesley Prince family

 Alvin Prince family

 Princeville Community Church

Picture of original Princeville Baptist Church <Select to see other view of Princeville Baptist Church

The following is the article in the Gonzales County History Book on the town of Princeville:

    The Princeville community was about six miles from Gonzales on and near the Greenwood road, FM 466.  The earliest school records available listed twenty-eight pupils attending the Princeville school.
                                                       Officers & Members of Princeville Baptist Church
    The Princeville Baptist Church was founded by the Reverend Mitchel Harrison June 10, 1872.  Land was donated to build a church by Davis Prince, thus the source of the name, Princeville.  Few churches were able to retain early membership lists, but Princeville even kept their members' occupations.  Though no dates were available, the following early members were listed: deacons, Samuel Prince Sr., Boston Prince Sr., Moses Moore, Orong Thomas, Henry Johnson, Will Cubet, Gilbert B. Prince, Philip Johnson, Will Clark, Austin Hood, Dallas Prince, Sirney Johnson, Manie Johnson, Rea Johnson, John Lamkin, Lonnie S. Smith, Delbert Mathis, Leroy Perreman, Miles Littlefield; Sunday school superintendents, Brother A.W. Prince, Brother G.W. Prince, Brother G.B. Prince Sr., Brother D.E. Prince; Teachers of public schools, Treasia Smith, Samuel Prince Jr., Susia Johnson Jr., Pinkie Prince, Gertrude Thomas, Milton Prince, Clarence Mae Mathis, I.J. Hodges; musicians, Lusinda Thomas, Alma Prince, Lue Payne, Elmyra Cubit, Bessie Johnson, Clista Hodges, Arime Smith, Esther Prince and L.S. Smith; missionary presidents, Sarah Prince Sr., Sarah Prince Jr., Ida Prince, Minerva Lampkin and Georgia M. Mathis; Mechanics, Moses Smith, Larn D. Mathis, Eddie Johnson; Carpenters, Walters Johnson, Lorn D. Mathis; seamstresses, Annie Mae Mathis, Georgia Mae Jones, Parthenia Jones, Malvine Prince, Easter Prince, Jessie Mae Thomas; nurses Lillie Henderson, Walter Johnson and Mary Henderson.

 I will send you this for now and will answer your other questions in a couple of days.  We are swamped with in house researchers right now and I am not able to deal with e-mail queries at the moment.
By Genevieve B. Bollentine, Gonzales County Records
                                                    Princeville Baptist Church

Standing in front of Princeville Baptist Church is Georgia Mae Jones Mathis, church secretary, Rev. E. S. Gray and wife, pastor and wife

 Princeville Baptist Church original deed of land donated by grandfather David Prince April 6th, 1894  

Gonzales, Texas city limits...the water tower

Gonzales city hall at town square

See Texas map to Gonzales <<<<See map to Gonzales, TX

Prince Reunion 2006 Pictures of Princes and site of original Princeville Baptist Church

The Memorial Musical will feature tributes from the Gooden-Prince choir, Mt. Pisgah, Hensley Ensemble, Diane Chambers and Soloist Larry Pennie and speakers from the Sons of Pilgrims Rest Baptist Church. Among the pastors schedule to comment are two of Pastor Prince’s sons, T. J. and Richard. Linda Prince Johnson will host the ceremonies.
 Pastors T. R. McNealy, C. C. McNealy, Jeff McNealy, W. B. Harvey, Raymond Shaw, Samuel Fenceroy, Robert E. Murphy, Ronald Ivory, Lewis Laurent, Gerald Britt, Greg Owens, Alfred Walker, E. Brice Cunningham, Thomas Garrison and other sons in the gospel are also scheduled to speak.

The church is located at 1819 N. Washington St., Dallas. Dr. C. W. Wallace is the current pastor.

Daddy in 1942 probably in Waxahachie

Daddy right top, Tim below, me and Garrett on donkey Tijana Mexico 1955 

Dad &Mom

Contact:           Richard A. Prince, 972-754-0722, prince@aarc.org