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1958 Called to pastor Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church

                                        C. T. & Betty Wedding

Momma & Betty

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Dad, Mom, Richard & Garrett

Garrett, Elbert, Richard

Mother and Garrett at roadside park while traveling


Garrett in snow

Richard II

Mother at holiday celebration with family

Family together on holiday


Allena and I

Richard II and Allena

Allena in my apartment kitchen 2007

Garrett's birthday party

Here we are having a little fun at Valley View Center. We thought we were going to tak family picture but where is Richard II and Allena...well we'll do it another time

William Shaw, Betty's son, my nephew

William, Elbert and can't make out who else

Tim's move to Detroit to pastor Morningview Baptist Church We followed them most of the way to Detroit and took a trip up to Canada

Richard II


Richard II opening Christmas gift

William on porch and Mother front

Elbert Jr.