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Lo, children [are] an heritage of the LORD: [and] the fruit of the womb [is his] reward. 
As arrows [are] in the hand of a mighty man; so [are] children of the youth. 
Happy [is] the man that hath his quiver full of them: they shall not be ashamed, but they shall speak with the enemies in the gate.Return to Top Psalm 127:3-5..

Jessika Anderson

Josiah Achala age 3 Spring 2011 Parents Fred & MeSheila Achala



Richard II 30 years old and daughter Allena age 7

        Josiah age 3 December 2010 Christmas School party

Jessika Anderson, my grand daughter, Kevin & LaRethia's

Syree Achala, my grand daughter, Fred & MeSheila's

My granddaughter - Jonathan and LaRethia Woods daughters

Nancy's Cousin Cecil Sharp

Family in attendance left to right - Richard II, Fred, MeSheila, Richard

LaRethia and I

Friends and co-workers


Marcus Allen Prince Uniform

Marcus and Jonathan at car show before return to base in Hawaii

Welcome home Party for Marcus Allen Prince from Iraq at home of father and mother Jonathan and LaRethia Woods 837 Misty Glen Drive, Sunday September 5, 2010

Mr.Pete & Mrs. Lee neighbors of the Woods

Marcus Allen Prince age 22 home from Iraq Praise the Lord!!!

Here's is proud daddy Jonathan

Syree and Faith

Jonathan & son Marcus

My grandson Marcus and I

Nancy and grandson Marcus

Marcus and his mother LaRethia

Josiah 3 years old son of Fred and MeSheila Achala, my grandson

Fred and son Josiah Achala

Baby Iyonna steals the attention of the party

Grandmother Nancy, Marcus and mother LaRethia

LaRethia, Marcus and I

LaRethia Marcus and I

Josiah and I

Allena' & Jessika

David, Richard, Irene & Lawson

Christmas 2007

Elbert & mother 2007

Fred Achala

Irene & Imara

Kevin, LaRethia, Marcus, Elizabeth and Jessika

Syree, MeSheila, Josiah, Richard II, Allena', me

LaRethia & Josiah

LaRethia & Nancy

LaRethia & Syree'

LaRethia & Syree'

Syree', Lawson and family

Family Holiday 2007

 Mr. Achala & Imara

Family Holiday 2007

Thanksgiving 2007 at Elbert and Connie's -Samantha, Connie, Karen, Mother, Maranda, me & Elbert Jr.

Lawson, Syree & Naima Christmas at my apartment 2006

Christmas 2007 MeSheila' & Fred

Doctor & MeSheila

Doctor & Fred

Grandmother Luvenia Anderson, newborn MeSheila' Nahaas ......below Easter 1978

Grand Daddy Pastor G. B. Prince holds Tosca born to Pastor T.J. and Dennise Prince and MeSheila' Born to Richard & Nancy Prince both 1years old

Richard II baby born 4/27/80

Syree' & Naima Birthday party November 5, 2005 Chuckie Cheese

Granddaddy Richard and newborn Syree'

Newborn Syree' N. Achala

Here's my gang at Valley View 2007

Family party Christmas 2007

"Happy Birthday Syree'"

Syree' one years old

Woods Famly at Valley View 2006

Fred, MeSheila, Josiah 2, Syree 5

Faith Anderson - Jessika's newborn daughter...Child of God

Praise the Lord!!!

Josiah 2, Syree 5

Syree age 5

Syree graduates from pre-kindergarden to kindergarden May 2010    age 5

Jessika and Faith