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Athens Greece Mission 08

                                                       Athens, Greece

                                     Athens Greece Mission 08 Slide Show

                                        Hotel TITANIA where we stayed

Lobby of Titania Hotel Athens, Greece

                                           Just hanging out

                                              Snack time outside vendors

First Evangelical Church of Greece, Sunday June 29, 2008

Pastor Giottis of First Evangelical Church of Greece and I

Members of First Evangelical Service greet meet after service

                    We prayed for a missionary after service

                                      Park Concert

I led choir singing "Who Can Satisfy My Soul" (Like Jesus)

Flutess Daniel from First Evangelical accompanied us in some park concerts. What a testimony of his life he shared with us

                                                            Park Concert

                            We marched across Athens in a "Jesus parade"

      It was fun but those banners sure got heavy after an hour marching

Here's Lisa, me Jason, Johnny, Lori and Marcie about to catch the trans

My Whole Food in Athens was across from hotel where I ate delicious Tofu and vegetables "yum, yum"

Here's me Heather, Jeffrey and my roomate Jason the violinist

Here Miller teaches us in the ancient city of Corinth about Paul work there

Here I am in Corinth, massive earthquakes over the centuries brought this city to ruins

Here we are waiting for a bus to go the beach on the Mediteranian. This was the seaport in Paul's day that made Athens the commercial capital of the world where people came to make it a center for ideas and Greek philosophers to congregate and meet with new ideas which made it blind to the truth of Christ.

                          Here we are arriving at the beach

                            Here I am with my feet in the Mediteranian

There's Johnny, Jeffrey and Jason having fun...what a beautiful day this is

Here we are taking the bus back from the beach...what a great day!

                     Rumanian, Afghan, Iraq and Turkish children in park

                                         Children at play in empty swimming pool


                                              Children at Play

                                         Julie & Jason


                18 year old enjoyed singing planning to join Greek Army next week

                                        Barbara, Miller and Me on Marrs Hill

                 I can hardly believe it. I'm on Marrs Hill where Paul preached!

After Marrs Hill we went to Acropolis where there were many idol god temple worship including the goddess Athena


                                         Temple Athena

            Here we are where were the worship of many idol gods in Acropolis

                                          Miller Barbara, Leola, Joan and me

                                      View of Athens from the Parthenon

 Temple of Zeus in Athens across from First Evangelical Church of Greece where we worshiped Sunday June 29, 2008

     Ancient City of Corinth now in ruins... The actual site of the church at Corinthians to whom Paul wrote first and second Corinthians and came and ministered two and half years

    Donna and I at Bema "the judgment seat" in Corinth where Paul was accused

                                             Jenny and I in Corinth

I am deeply indebted to Kathy and Jenny for smuggling a rock and and a shell to take to Nancy from the Ancient City of Corinth. This became the talk of the trip. We had a lot of fun over this. Jeff called Kathy imposing as the Corinth police investigating the disappearance of a rock...Ha, Ha, Ha...

We always gather in the lobby and walk to the trans for our next ministry

Jason and Johnny are some two funny guys had us always laughing. They are such a blessing to be around. They have been best friends since High School days. Jason was my roomate and we had rich fellowship talking about the Lord.

We mostly walked to the trans which is a fast speed rail system most people use in Athens

Here we are riding the trans and usually its too crowded to get a seat

                                           Today we went shopping for souvenirs

Ginger Cunningham, our Pastor's wife's 50th Birthday Party at Olive Garden on Titania Hotel loft balcony with a beautiful view of Athens...

                                16 year old Tookie (Bass guitar player for church) and me

 We are about to have pray for Athens on top of First Evangelical Church of Greece

                                                             Prayer for Athens

             We visited an inner city ministry to drug addicts and street people at Omonia square. The Pastor led us in praise and worship before going to the streets which was a surprise. We thought our service was in doors but the Lord had other plans.

The Leader's son is helps with praise and worship on bongos   

                       We sang downtown square in Athens to street people

                                               Johnny, Tookie and Jason


Ancient Corinth at "Bema" Judgment seat  where Paul spent 2 years/ Paul wrote Letters to the Corinthians


                           Pastor Giottis and Wife, Miller and Ginger

                      Back at the Athens airport to Dallas - Here's Amy