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Burleson Family Tree <select link to view Burleson Tree pdf

Please see additional footnotes below:

Foot notes: Charlie Burleson's brother Vernell had two sons: Vernon and Horace. Vernon Sr died February 2007 Vernon had a son, Vernon Burleson Jr, lives in Cedar Hill please contact me Richard Prince 972 754-0722  if you would like to contact him. Horace Burleson had a son, Horace Jr. ("Bubba") last known lives in California. Horace Jr. has two daughter Jean and Beverly lives in Dallas. Henry Burleson had three children by his first wife and one by his second wife Ollie. They are Henry Jr., Wanita, Nellie Mae; by Ollie Michael. Charlie Burleson had a sister Annie Mae Smith whose daughter, Mary Alice lives in Terrell.

Father                                       Mother       

Charlie Burleson                     Eula Mae Burleson

5 Brothers                                   Brothers- Joe, Clarence           

1. Washington Burleson                         Sisters - Plummet, Emma, Myra , Bessie        

2.Vernell Burleson - Below and wife Sammy Lee

Sammy Lee Burleson                            

    (sons Vernon  & Horace)       3. Henry Burleson                 
Richard here some picture of my family, on this email are the pictures of my grandfather & grand mother Vernell Burleson & Sammy Lee Burleson

Vernell Buleson Jr. and mother below

Left picture Vernon Burleson Jr and mother Right picture Vernon Burleson Sr.

Richard here is my father, Vernon Burleson & his brother & their  first cousin. The man on the left is my father Vernon Sr. The man on the right is his brother Horace Burleson. The man in the center is there first cousin

Vernon Burleson Sr. left

Vernon Burleson Jr and two sisters day of Vernon's father, Vernon Sr. funeral 

I am a member of our board of Directors & my Sister is to Dr Darlene Ruffin-Alexander  just click on the links, on the right hand side of the website. www.marshallreunion.net/

Obituary of my grandmother Eula Mae Burleson, my mother Ruby Mae (Burleson) Prince mother Born Aug 2, 1886 died February, 1991...105 years old

Obituary Order of Service

"Aunt Lois" Lois (Burleson) Owens, sister to Floyd, Percy, Mae, Ruby

Obituary Lois Faye Burleson Owens...aunt Lois, my mother's sister Dec 6, 1914 - Nov 25, 1990

 "Aunt Mae" Eula Mae Burleson, sister to Lois (Burleson) Owens, Floyd, Percy,  Ruby

Grandmother: Eula Mae Burleson's sister Plumie

4. Roosevelt Burleson                     

5. Kermit                   

5 Sisters                   

 1. Hattie Burleson                 2. Melvina Burleson            

 3. Annie Mae Smith, daughter Mary Alice Allen Smith in Terrell           

 4. Sarah                                Floyd's Children    

            1. Doris Bables        

            2. Floyd Jr.    

            3. Annie Mae Mitchell            4. Sandra Thomas   

                             1. Gladys Henderson                2. Harvey D. White                3. Beatrice Andrews                4. Frank Owens Jr.                5. Dorothy Matlock                6. Catherine Webster

                7. Shirley Owens                8. Freddie Owens                9. Roy Lee Owens           


            Ruby's Children    

            1. Gilbert III    

            2. Betty          

            3. Timothy      

            4. Garrett       

            5. Richard      

            6. Elbert         


            Eula Mae's Children         

            Lloyd Daniel  


            Louise’s husband 

            Walter White 



               Lois’s Children

5.  Sophia